Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Update

Hi Gang! Quick post - I'm reviewing coconut eggs tonight (wow - are you so jealous?). The eggsciting news is that I should have much to report early next week!

I have a lunch date tomorrow - good potential - but you can never get your hopes up about these things. It's a date so I haven't met the man yet. And there's a huge singles Meetup tomorrow night. Who knows what might happen there? I could be called Marcy, hear how someone was beaten by his spouse, or maybe even be told of run ins with the law! All of which I find simply irresistible! Ah - the weekend! Who knows what might happen?

There's also the back-up promise of lots of Easter chocolate which NEVER lets me down! So have a great weekend - chances are good I'll be thinking about you! You all are with me on every date and during each misadventure! So stay tuned for the next episode of "Dating with Denise, Searching for a Man as Dependable (and sexy) as Chocolate."

Enjoy your weekend!!! (Eat some chocolate!)

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