Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chocolate is a Many Splendored Thing

Happy Monday, everybody!! Thought I'd share some shots from the GORGEOUS chocolate shop in the Bellagio - Jean Philippe Patisserie:

I gained weight just by breathing in here:

Look at these great chocolate sculptures:

And the show piece - a fountain with white, milk and dark chocolate. When I die, will you all scatter my ashes here?

Can you tell how big this thing is? It's amazing! I tried to break in, but casino security stopped me.

Of course, something has to pay for all this fancy beauty. See this chocolate bunny? He's MAYBE three feet tall. Cute, right?

Look at the price tag:

That is something that is staying in Vegas.

As far as the love life, I actually had a great date this weekend!! Woohoo! Can you believe it? I have to proceed with GREAT caution, however, because I actually like this guy. After the Afghanistan Affair I'm proceeding VERY slowly. (Obviously my judgement when it comes to men has not been the best.) Of course, we'll have to see if he likes me - there's the Big Personality, my chocolate obsession, and a myriad of other quirks to consider. Good grief - I could probably get better odds in Vegas!

Have a great week!! More EGGSTRAVAGANZA to come!!

And know that any country that produces a $325 chocolate Easter bunny is the greatest country in the world!!


Heidi said...

Please keep us posted on the great-date-guy. We want a good guy to discover your awesomeness!

diane said...

OMG what a fountain! How many face smears were on the glass??? BTW, if he can handle the BP, he still has to be able to handle the friends ;) We have to watch out for our girl, doncha know...

Denise Ryan said...

They had to constantly clean the glass!!! There was always a crowd around that fountain - I had to get up way early to get a clean shot. And thanks for having my back with the dating - I need all the watching out for I can get! Love you Diane!!!!!