Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I love nuts. I am slowly starting to believe that men are nuts. But I don't know if I love nutty men.

Last night I went to an event called Meetup (Meetup has all kinds of events - this one was for singles in their 30s and 40s). I met a guy who seemed nice. We were talking and several men approached us to meet him. Turns out he played professional football for two years THIRTY YEARS ago. Apparently when other men hear this, they turn into little kids and can't wait to meet this guy! (And he loved it.) I've never seen anything like it! I hate to be a girl, but who cares? That was two years thirty years ago! The guy is in his 50s!!

I care WAY more about who someone is today, not who they were thirty years ago. But apparently men will fawn over a pro football player for his entire life.

Now, of course, this guy must have been telling people that he was a pro football player 30 years ago. It's not like they recognized him. Turnoff.

Okay, if all that wasn't nutty enough, when this guy was talking with me I asked him how long he had been divorced. Turns out he's not divorced, he's separated. And he goes on to tell me - I kid you not - that he had to leave his 15 year marriage because his wife was physically abusing him.

Now let's ponder this for a moment. Let's say that it is true. Why would you tell a stranger you have just met this? Shouldn't you keep this to yourself? At least for a while? This is private information in my book. Guys, think how fast you would run for cover if a woman you JUST met told you this:

"Hi, I'm Susie Q and I just left my 15 year marriage because my husband was abusing me." Wouldn't you think - YIKES!!!!!! Susie Q might have some issues?

I wonder if he ever had to get a restraining order......

Speaking of nutty, look at these gorgeous babies:

I came back from Meetup and ate ALL of these. They were AMAZING!!! And somehow less nutty than the guys I've been meeting lately.

They are Chocolate Nut Clusters from The Chocolate Fetish and they are incredible!! My favorite was the white chocolate with macadamia nuts. But all were great - there were two dark chocolate with hazelnut. And I love the helpful nut on top to tell you what nuts are PACKED inside. So you can see what we have - milk chocolate with almonds, milk chocolate with cashews, and dark chocolate with pecans.

I really liked these because the chocolate was of the best quality, but the focus was on the nuts. Some nut clusters have too much chocolate - the nuts are sprinkled on a thick chocolate base. Not there - the nuts are all the way through and are plentiful. Outstanding!

The more men I meet, the more I like chocolate.


d j / s p l i t said...

Ok, enough already.

You've GOT to be joking about this, or else...or else...I just don't know what to say!! What the hell is wrong with dudes where you live?

At the very least, start filming these events for a documentary. This is truly astounding.

Speaking on behalf of normal (at least, semi-normal) men, I must apologize.



Denise Ryan said...

I wish I was!! I know - I wish I could figure out a way to film this stuff!! But thanks for giving me some hope to hang in there - there must be some more normal ones out there, right???

KiddoKare1 said...

Oh my goodness! Wow! I don't even know what to say to the whole professional football player thing. As for the abusing thing, the only thing I can figure is maybe he thinks it will score sympathy points? Or maybe he's just one of those people who just blurts out personal things that he should not without thinking. I have met several of those. Shoot, I've been one of those people from time to time. LOL. Oh, and the chocolates look yummy!

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha - that's what one of my girlfriends said! How lame is that? Those chocolates were amazing!! : )

Carl Weaver said...

Wow. Not all guys are nut cases like these ones you have been meeting, so hang in there. It's amazing that some guys get all worked up over sports. I never got into such things so I can't provide any rationale.

I ran a car parts store for two years. Does that get me any points with the other guys? No. But if I were an over-paid professional athlete I could be everyone's friend. Weird.

I have a friend who played pro football for a couple years and is now a cop but he is humble about his previous career and is really down to earth. Sorry, Denise - he is taken.

Stick to chocolate. It doesn't talk back and will always love you.

Denise Ryan said...

Carl - thanks for the support!! And you are right about chocolate!!

Hey - I didn't know you ran an auot parts store! : )

Heidi said...

Oh lord.

This just keeps getting better and better. (I am reading these entries from the top down, so I hit the one with the baby obsession first ...).

OK. I will say it one more time and then never (promise) again ...

MOVE HERE. It's raining normal men here, I promise.

hee hee