Sunday, March 15, 2009

Perfection and Caramel

No progress on the relationship front - although I was contacted out of the blue by the perpetrator of the Afghanistan Affair. He told me I was the perfect woman - maybe too perfect. (Apparently his other women aren't quite what he expected.) I'm TOO perfect and my personality is too big. What am I going to do with all this "constructive" criticism? Heavy sigh.

On to sweeter things:

This is an interesting assortment from The Chocolate Fetish. Let's take it piece by piece from the upper left.

First are white chocolate covered dried apricots - I didn't care for these - the apricots were too hard - when you bite them all the softer white chocolate crumbles off. And it's not like I really love dried apricots.

Next over was a milk chocolate covered caramel - WOW - fantastic!! Buttery, rich, and chewy - just the way I like them!!

Next was a dark chocolate covered crystallized piece of ginger. I'm biased here because I'm not a big ginger fan, and there's no middle ground with a hunk of ginger. You'll either love it or hate it. I'm not lovin' it.

Next is a nice, dark chocolate covered fig. This was good - as far as dried, dark chocolate covered figs go. If you're a big fig fan - this is for you. Me - not so much. Hey, don't get me wrong - I love the Fig Newton. But eating dried figs doesn't really rock my world - even when they are covered with chocolate.

Immediately below the fig is a dark chocolate dipped dried kiwi. Same problem as with the apricot - the dried fruit is too hard for the softer chocolate. Didn't like this.

Next is a dark chocolate covered caramel - FANTASTIC!! Almost fudgey - chewy, rich and decadent. LOVED the caramels in this assortment.

Next was the only dried fruit I really liked - a crystallized pineapple wedge covered with dark chocolate - heavenly!! I wish I had more of these. A lot more. YUM!

Finally there is a milk chocolate and a white chocolate covered dried raspberry - these looked gorgeous - like strands of chocolate lace over the raspberries. If these had been fresh raspberries - this would have been wonderful. But with dried raspberries. Eh.

Okay - so dried fruit covered in chocolate isn't my thing, but these caramels were mind blowing. They were the perfect consistency - not too soft or too chewy. In fact, they were perfect - not too perfect - just perfect.

And don't worry - I know that someday, perhaps in the old folks home, I will find the man who thinks I'm perfect - at least for him. And if I don't? Well - there is always chocolate!!


Heidi said...

I know it's easy for a married person to say this to someone still looking, but it's better to be single than to be married to the wrong guy. And that Afghanistan guy was SO WRONG. How cool is it that he saw the error of his ways so soon after his little stunt ... but too bad he didn't figure it out earlier. Luckily for you, his head was thick, because if he were really that smart, he would've known how to continue to lie to you without you finding out. Small favors.

And if you were "too perfect" with a personality that was "too big," he obviously wasn't the man worthy of handling that.

But on to your chocolate-covered fig.

I personally hate the idea of this, too. However I have a little "fig" story to share ... my grandfather used to grow figs on his farm in Georgia. Every Christmas, he'd bring in a bunch and my grandmother would stuff them with one Georgia pecan apiece. Then she would roll the fig in white sugar. That was it ... but I can honestly tell you, I really miss those pecan-stuffed, sugar-rolled figs. Maybe it's just a memory of comfort food from childhood, but my memory is that they were the bomb.

Denise Ryan said...

Hey GF! Thanks for the back-up! I know you are right - you remember how the single thing can be though - ugh. Anyway - I bet those figs were good! And this one wasn't bad - I think the drying makes the chocolate/fruit combo a challenging one. Fresh fruit dipped in chocolate always rocks!!

Carl Weaver said...

Too perfect? Wow. He is looking for a free pass to cheat again, I reckon. People are like that - cheaters or not cheaters. There really isn't a middle ground on that, I don't think. He can say he has changed his ways but you never really know.

It's like that old saying - just because the cat gave birth in the oven doesn't make them biscuits. They are what they are, no matter how much butter you slather on them.

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha, ha! Carl, where do you get these great sayings???? They MUST be from NC! And I agree 100% with you on the cheating thing - you'd either do it or you wouldn't. And if you'd do it once, you'd do it again. Plus, how can you ever trust someone who so easily betrayed you? I'll have to go with the common "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

And please pass the biscuits.

diane said...

I agree with Heidi & Carl. He really must think he can fool you again. More nerve than sense, I guess. I'm finding some more chocolate places for when you get back this way ;)

Denise Ryan said...

Hi Diane! You guys might be right - I think he would like to have me to hang out with and still keep his options open. If he had just told me that instead of lying to me, it would be different. Ah - hopefully I'll choose better next time!

And I'm heading back that way next week! I have training in Asheville for Kerr Drug on Tuesday and Wednesday!!!