Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Peanut Butter Eggs (Better, Faster, Stronger)

I strongly agree with Marcus Buckingham, author of Discover Your Strengths, who says that rather than trying to work on our weaknesses, we should do the most to maximize our strengths. For example, I'm a great speaker, but I'm a lousy computer programmer. It makes much more sense for me to hire a web guy rather than try to get better at programming. I can spend that time getting even better at speaking.

One of my seminar attendees asked about this when I advised that an important part of leadership was putting the right people in the right jobs. I always use the example that some people are great at dealing with customers - they have outstanding people skills. There are other people who should be kept far, far away from customers. Not everyone can do every job. The question was, "Shouldn't you move people around to different jobs so they can learn different skills?" I said no - echoing Buckingham's words. Later, of course, I though of a better example. Would a football coach take his best kicker and put him in at QB so he could learn some different skills? No way. Put your people where they can excel. It's what will win the game and what will make the most money. The leader should figure out what people are best at and put them in positions that make the best use of their skills.

What does this mean for you? Figure out what you are best at - chances are you enjoy it the most - and find work that utilizes those skills. Don't know what you're best at? There are a lot of assessments that can help you figure it out, but the bottom line is that none of us can do everything well. Success is about figuring out what you do best and doing more and more of it!

And that bring us to our chocolate! I failed to include in my peanut butter Eggstravanza, Peanut Butter M & M's Speck-tacular Eggs (See? the BP is not so good with the details):

These compete most closely with Reese's Pieces Eggs:

Here they are naked:

Now, the M & M Eggs look just like regular peanut butter M & Ms except for the speckley Easter colors. But the Reese's Eggs are completely different than regular Reese's Pieces and therefore, I give them higher points. I also like the colors better.

But for the real deal - you gotta autopsy:

I wondered why the M & Ms weren't as good as the Reese's - they have chocolate. Now I know I am committing heresy, but I like the candy shell and the peanut butter better WITHOUT the chocolate. I think this is a great example of our motivational point. Reese's owns peanut butter. M & M's rocks chocolate and peanuts, but peanut butter, not so much. Do what you are best at, don't try to be all things to all people.

**WARNING** - if you buy Reese's Pieces Eggs you will not be able to stop eating them. Motivation by Chocolate and its author, Denise Ryan, are not responsible for any weight gain, increased heart rate, erections lasting longer than four hours, blurriness of vision, increased cholesterol levels, or fighting among family members. Happy Easter!!


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Heidi said...

Well I don't know anything about erections, but I know a lot about weight gain.

Oh geez, you are torturing us with these photos!

Love your blog posting tonight, though. I have been learning this lesson, too, about putting people to work on the things I don't do well or don't enjoy anymore. At first I fretted about the money I was paying out for the help, but now I see how energized I am and how much more I am able to focus on what I do best -- and to do more of it!
It's awesome -- life can't get any better than that.