Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Chocolate Pumpkin Patch 2009

I keep trying to like Russell Stover. This year I tried their orange marshmallow pumpkin:

It looks vaguely pumpkin like - has ridges which is impressive for RS.

Whoa - hello! This isn't just brightly colored regular marshmallow - it is orange flavored. I think if you really like orange and marshmallow, you'll like this. I'm just not a big orange and chocolate fan - and these three together are not rocking my world.

They also have this one:

So much for the ridges - we're back to the usual RS artistry. At least it looks like it has a stem.

Okay - this doesn't have much strawberry taste at all - just a lot of fluffy cream. It's not very good. How surprising. When will I learn??

I also have yet to find much by Palmer that I don't think is horrible.

This wrapper was so ugly, I had to buy one:

Isn't that terrible? The pumpkin is BLACK with greenish eyes and mouth. Ewww!

Imagine my surprise when I opened it and saw this:

Wow - now that is artistry!!!! How impressive!!! Damn!

And it's filled with my favorite:

Peanut butter! And I can't believe I'm going to say this, but this was good, really good!!!

So what do we have here?

The rules don't always apply. I was going to say that once something shows you what it is, you should believe it. In other words, if Russell Stover has been awful so many times before, I should just accept that it is awful. But look at what happened with Palmer!

How about this - keep your expectations realistic. Don't necessarily expect something to change (Russell Stover to suddenly become my fav; people who have let you down numerous times to be dependable) but be open to the possibility.

But - if you only have a dollar - I wouldn't spend it on Russell Stover. And if you only have one life, I'd spend it with the people I know won't let me down, rather than giving second and third chances to those who have shown they will.

Ah - the many lessons of chocolate!!!! Yay!!!

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