Friday, October 16, 2009

The Horror, The Horror!

This just in from Motivation By Chocolate reporter David Lindquist (David - thanks for the link to WRAL's story!):

Wreck spills 41K pounds of Little Debbies (41,000 pounds! OMG!)

Tarboro, N.C. — A tractor-trailer wrecked on U.S. Highway 64 in Edgecombe County Thursday afternoon, spilling 41,000 pounds of Little Debbie snacks.

State troopers said the 18-wheeler had gotten on U.S. 64 West after dropping off a load of food at the Sara Lee plant in Tarboro. The truck's front tire ran off the rod, causing the trailer to twist around. The cab and trailer both flipped over and landed upside down.

The snack cakes and frozen food in the truck spilled across the highway.

Both westbound lanes of U.S. 64 was closed for several hours as crews cleaned up the scene.

Can you imagine seeing that happen? I would have pulled over immediately and starting loading up! I mean, I would have pulled over immediately and checked on the driver (who was okay, BTW). I wonder what 41,000 pounds of Little Debbies would look like. I wonder if they had any of those fall brownies in there. How exciting! Wait, I mean how tragic.

Mmmmmm................Little Debbies.......


diane said...

This story really needs a photo! lolol

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha, ha!!! SOOO true!!!