Monday, October 19, 2009

Deep Fried at the NC State Fair

I want to warn you readers that this entry is not for the faint of heart. Small children should not be exposed to these images. Stop now!!

The Sorbet Sistahs went to the absolute opposite of sorbet by visiting the N.C. State Fair. Most of our time was spent at this booth:

Would there really be any point to going anywhere else?

We lucked out in that it was a fabulous day - gorgeous blue skies, great temps - the perfect fall day. Ah, but where to start! We decided to get a fried Ho Ho and fried Oreos:

Tracy and I liked the Ho Ho better than the Oreos, Beth preferred the Oreos. We think the Oreos might have been better if they used the double stuffed Oreos. I think maybe if they had used Cakesters - that would have rocked! But neither of these REALLY blew us away.

So we decided to try the fried Reese's:

OMG - these were pretty damn amazing. I would like to try these again. What a great idea!!! And how insane! Only in the south, right? Hell yeah!!

We decided we should walk around a bit before we struck again. These looked too outrageous even for us:

These things are huge - about the size of a dinner plate. They are thick fried dough bases loaded with chocolate, custard, cherries, and cinnamon apples which you can get in any combo you can dream up. Yehaw!!

We saw the N.C. Fudge booth - look at these flavors:

And look at the man in the booth. What a sad sack. I asked him if he was the King of Fudge, but he only sighed and said "No, I just work here." I guess that means that there is a King of Fudge somewhere that he reports to. They had pumpkin fudge which I had to try - it was great!!! They also had Cheerwine which Beth tried - maybe not so good. But VERY creative! No fried fudge. Yet!

There was an ice cream booth that had PUMPKIN ice cream! YAHOO! Had to try it:

Fabulous!!!!! This I want some more of - it was soooo good!!!

Are you starting to be scared by everything we ate? Keep reading!!!!

Beth introduced us to these babies:

Little fried doughnuts they make right there. They were mouthwateringly good! I couldn't buy my own bag because I knew I would eat every one immediately and I still had things to try.

I could not leave the fair without trying fried pecan pie and... drum roll please...fried peanut butter and jelly:

Pecan Pie - good, but really too rich. Would have been better if it were pecan pie nuggets. But peanut butter and jelly - whoa!!!! This was great!! If there were a little less breading, it would have beaten the Reese's, but as it is, I have to call a tie. But maybe I should try them again.....

Here's the take away - it was a crazy, fun adventure on a gorgeous day. We broke all the "rules" - we took off in the middle of the day, we ate "forbidden" food, and we had a blast!! This is the stuff memories are made of. Make sure you take some time to break some rules and enjoy the season. Spend time with your good buddies. Life is way, way too short not to.

And don't let it end without having tried a fried Reese's Cup!!


David R. Lindquist said...

The Fudge guy definitely needs to take one of your motivation seminars. He turned down the role of KING OF FUDGE?? Does he not have visions of long lines of fudge-loving fangirls buying his product? I must be missing something.

Sera said...

The fried Reese's and the PB&J look awesome! The pumpkin ice cream? SWOONS! :D

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha - David, that's I what I thought!! Who would NOT want to be the King of Fudge?? Some people can not be helped!

Sera - you just can't imagine!! AMAZING!!!!

diane said...

I'm glad ya'll had such a good time. I found something else for you to try... Pet Pumpkin Egg Nog. mmmmm

Denise Ryan said...

Oooh - Diane - that sounds awesome!! There are so many pumpkin things I want to try and I know they'll only be around for a little while. It's making me crazy! (Obviously I have some issues.....)