Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chocolate and Jam

Our Halloween adventure continues! And marshmallow seems to be big this year - check out these Halloween Mallows by Cadbury:

I love the packaging and these would be fabulous if not for the blackcurrant jam center:

The chocolate coating and the cookie base are great (just what you'd expect from Cadbury) but the jam had a bitter taste that took away from the Mallow. Maybe strawberry jam would have been better. BUT I think this is a matter of personal taste and those who like blackcurrant jam would really like these. Maybe it's a UK thing.

One of the things I'm finding as I try more chocolate offerings from other countries is that there are definitely some different taste preferences. That makes sense of course - think of the differences in southern cooking and what you might eat in say, California. My parents are from New Jersey and I still don't like sweet tea or grits. We drank crazy stuff like water and soda and ate cereal at my house. We tend to like best what we grew up with.

Now, of course, that doesn't mean our tastes can't change over time. As we try new things and learn about different flavor combinations we broaden our horizons. For success, just realize how those early experiences impact ALL aspects of your life - the people you are comfortable with, your values, your beliefs, other likes and dislikes. Try to keep an open mind and try new things - you might find something you like even better than your usual. (Maybe even blackcurrant jam.)


cybele said...

I had those at Easter, that version had an orange jam instead of blackcurrant. Great combo. A bit expensive since it's an import though.

Denise Ryan said...

Oooh - that sounds great!!! Thanks for the comment, Cybele!!!