Thursday, October 29, 2009

Harry, David, and Russ - The Boys of Chocolate

The Great Pumpkin is almost here! But first let's hear from the Boys of Chocolate. Let's start with two I'm becoming increasingly fond of - Harry & David. Remember the kickin' pumpkin malt balls and the pumpkin caramel balls? H & D are producing some stellar treats. And these are no exception:

These are Halloween Scream Balls - caramel, milk chocolate and peanut butter covered in a candy shell. Can you say, "Addictive"? These are really, really good - the combo of the textures - chewy and crunchy and peanut buttery - BAM! I think they could use a little more peanut butter, but then I think everything can use a little more peanut butter.

I had a bag of these on my desk and I couldn't stop eating them - maybe that's why they call them scream balls - you realize you have eaten them all and you start to scream. These alone are worth a trip to a Harry & David store near you. (I'm betting they'll be on sale soon - I don't think most shoppers realize what they are - so you might score a deal. I thought they were just those foil wrapped chocolate balls until I looked a little closer.) I'm falling in love with Harry & David - both of them - what a dilemma.

Russ Stover, however, does not have a piece of my heart. But he's about to get a piece of my mind! Love York for making their Peppermint Pattie Pumpkins both orange and a pumpkin shape. Love Palmer for their complete creativity and artistic genius. Hate Russ Stover's laziness. See the proof below.

Behold the Christmas Coconut Wreath:

No red, no green, no bow, no hole in the middle. More like the Christmas blob.

But wait, behold the Coconut Nest (for Easter):

That would be the Christmas blob with some jelly bean eggs.

And now, the Buzzard Nest:

The Christmas blob reworked for Halloween with some different color jelly beans. They could have at least used candy corn. Come on!!

This is the only Russell Stover candy I actually like, but I sure would like to see a little more creativity. It's not like it's THAT great - I like Almond Joy better - more coconutty. So at least they could get a little more creative. It wouldn't take much - have red and green sprinkles on the wreath. Go crazy - make it an actual wreath. Call the Easter thing a basket and put some green candy in there that looks like grass. Have fun! Come on, Russ - show us something!!!

How about you - is there some way you can use that powerful creativity of yours? I think we get in a rut and do the same things over and over - and there is so much more in us! In the candy shop of life - who to you want to be? Boring Russ? Dynamic and delicious Harry & David? Wild and crazy Palmer? You get to pick - every day. Just make sure you do. You don't want to be on your deathbed as a Christmas blob when you know you were really a Halloween Scream Ball.

OMG - only one more post before Halloween!!!!!! And stay tuned - it's going to feature Godiva!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the Coconut Wreath's this year??????
I've always liked them in the past, no matter how thinly they were disguised for each holiday.....they still had oodles of crunchy coconut and melty milk chocolate.
WELL...imagine my suprise when I plopped down $1 for 2 of my faithful treats a few days ago.
A hard, waxy, molded and tasteless fiasco with barely any coconut. I threw them out....and I never do that. What a disappointment. I cannot believe they ruined them.

Denise Ryan said...

Wow!! I'm so sorry to hear that!! I'll have to check it out. But I've been so NOT thrilled with Russ Stover - I'm not surprised!!! I'm so sorry that happened to you!! Thanks for letting the rest of us know!