Monday, September 28, 2009

The Evil and Dangerous Marshmallow

Remember the cool new Goldfish cookies I reviewed? There were chocolate, cinnamon, and honey graham and they were surprisingly good. Well, check out this smart concoction:

Goldfish S'mores! This bag basically has both the chocolate and honey graham and they added some little marshmallow fish:

I wanted to not like them, to be unimpressed. I tossed a handful into my mouth, then another. Before I could stop myself, I ate the whole bag. They are even harder to stop eating because of the marshmallow. The new texture, the blend of flavors - evil, Pepperidge Farm, evil.

Another attempt at combining flavors involving the marshmallow:

This is an attempt to combine chocolate and vanilla - creating a Swirlmallow. (Oooh - I hope they locked down the copyright on that one!) Quite simply, these are horrific. Look at the picture - they look kind of grey. They don't taste as good as a plain ol' vanilla marshmallow, and they sure don't taste like chocolate. These seem like a good idea - and might be better in a recipe or roasted, but they are God-awful right out of the bag. GLAACK!!

But there was a handy Choking Warning on the package:

Eat one at a time. (What?)

For children under 6, cut marshmallows into bite-sized pieces. Children should always be seated and supervised while eating. (My mother never cut up a marshmallow - apparently she was trying to kill me.)

I never knew marshmallows were so dangerous.


jperonto said...

eating the s'mores goldfish right now over banana fudge pudding! So yummy!

Denise Ryan said...

You are my hero!!!