Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine Kisses

I do think that Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday for Hershey's Kisses. I mean, is there a candy better suited? And they definitely pulled out all the stops this year!

I already reviewed these, but they really are hard to stop eating! And they are members of the Kiss family:

This is just a packaging issue, but I like it! I bought some for my clients:

They all deserve a Big Kiss! But in the age of political correctness, I sure can't give them a real one.

And how cute are these little guys? They only come with three kisses in them, but they are adorable! I have all three sitting on the top of my computer monitor right now.

Now, I don't know if these are special for Valentine's Day, but they are DELICIOUS!!!! And you guys know raspberry is not my favorite flavor. But I cannot stop eating them - they are really, really good. I say get yourself some of these in case they are only available around Valentine's Day. You deserve it. Actually let's face it - you deserve a lot more. At least get yourself some damn candy!

They could look a little better - but the taste more than makes up for the appearance. It's possible mine melted a bit and that impacted the finish.

Now I know these are not for Valentine's Day, but I just found them, so here we go:

Okay - I was really surprised when I opened these! I was expecting 5 wrapped Kisses. But no! These were unwrapped and look how big they are! I put a normal Kiss in for comparison:

I was most excited about Cheesecake, but Cherry was much better. Cheesecake needed more cheesecake and less chocolate. Not impressed. Don't bother. But Cherry was pretty darn good! (And you guys know cherry is not my favorite. But these rocked!)

This is some really brilliant expansion of the product line. Different flavors, creative packaging - all paying off the iconic Kiss shape. What is important here is not the quality of the chocolate, it's the marketing (in this case distribution) and the shape - we recognize it and we love it.

What's the lesson? You don't have to be the best at everything, maybe not even what others would tell you is the main thing. (In this case the quality of the chocolate.) Figure out what you can be best at - and go for it! Hershey made streetlights for the town in the shape of Kisses. They were fun and easy, unique and joyful. And look where they are today!

This Valentine's Day - fall in love with your joy and uniqueness - therein lies your real power. Big Kisses to all of you for reading!!!!


Heidi said...

Oh yum, oh yum, oh yum.

And I tell ya what, those streetlights in Hershey make me hungry every time I see them. That whole town smells like a Hershey kiss.

Great posting as always - so fun!

diane said...

now I have a craving & have to go shopping! LOL

Denise Ryan said...

Hey - I'm helping the economy!!! We should wait until the 15th - and we can scoop up everything on sale!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ohh.. i love kissables..* drooling* and eating kissables ryt now.. xoxo :) delicious page

Denise Ryan said...

Lizzie - thanks for your comment - you are so cute!! (And I agree - Kissables are delish!)