Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Chocolate Today - Chocolate Tomorrow

Ah - Asheville, North Carolina really is one of my favorite cities. I'm at the Grove Park Inn (one of my all time favorite places) for the Arts and Crafts conference. No we are not making things - think Mission style, think Frank Lloyd Wright. I adore this style and the philosophy behind it.

I saw a quote today (Arts & Crafts designers are big on quotes - they integrate them into the design of furniture and even buildings. The Grove Park Inn has quotes etched into the giant stones of its glorious fireplaces.) The quote I saw today was by Henry Ford and read:

"Chop your own wood, it will warm you twice."

YES!!! See why I like this stuff?

Another Arts & Crafts quote I have framed in the entryway of my home:

"Give me success or its eternal pursuit and I'll take the later."

Arts & Crafts is all about work, the joy of work, and self reliance.

Arts & Crafts is not about getting bailed out by someone else.

Apparently a lot of people think the government is going to be sending them a check soon. I am gauging this by the letters to the editor of USA Today where several readers wrote in to ask Congress to hurry up and pass the stimulus plan, that they needed immediate financial help. I'm also judging this by the number of spam e-mails I have gotten offering to help me get my $25,000 stimulus check.

Um...I have some bad news for these folks. None of us is getting any checks. Some people might get their unemployment benefits extended, but that ain't gonna last forever. Instead of writing letters to USA Today, these people need to be out looking for jobs. Start chopping your own damn wood or it's going to be one hell of a long winter.

I'm sorry, but people who are waiting for others to save them are giving all their personal power away. I met a young man today who works at the Grove Park Inn. He started as a part-time cook. But he has turned this into a full time job by being willing to work anywhere, anytime. He volunteered to drive the shuttle today. He also works serving, as a host, and in the resort's floral shop. And he has a great attitude. This young man is worth his weight in gold. He's not sitting around waiting for the government to save him, he's hustling and saving himself. (If I had a job opening, I'd try to hire him!) He also thinks all the experience he's getting in all these different areas will serve him well in the future. There's plenty of wood out here to chop - are you getting an axe? Or are you waiting for the government to plant some trees? Who do you think will be the best keeper of your destiny? You or the people in Washington who have no idea you exist?

I can't help it - my Arts & Crafters have gotten me all fired up!

The greatest security you will have in this life is the security you build for yourself. (Can you say Bernie Madoff?) Even if the government does help some of these folks, the government can't help them forever. We all need to put our hands back in our own pockets.

Your pockets are empty? Grab an axe.


ykngld said...

Denise ~

You ROCK! I couldn't say it any better myself!

Lisa Poole in Atlanta

Denise Ryan said...

Thanks, Lisa!!! And thanks for reading!! (Of course, I think you and I were separated at birth, so no wonder we agree!)

Carl Weaver said...

Exactly. My brother told me of a preacher he knows who was advocating the power of prayer to help people through the financial crisis but also said, "You got to put some feets to those prayers," meaning that prayer is really only for your soul and that God will not grant riches. We can wish all day long and get nowhere. We have to be willing to do some hard work to get through this.

I have a friend who is unemployed and is usually a carpenter, handyman, house builder, remodeler, etc. When he told me of his desperation I told him I needed some yard work done because I never see my house or yard in daytime hours anymore and I would pay him a fair price. He said no, that he didn't do yard work. What? Okay, pal. I guess your wife and kids can go a little while longer.

I don't get this. I guess he must have overstated his need. We can't afford to be too picky in this economy.

diane said...

You were in Asheville & didn't call??? I'm soooo disappointed! Now I'll just have to have more chocolate...

Denise Ryan said...

I'm with you, Carl! This is not the time to be proud. I read a great article yesterday about NC chicken farmers. Some of them had huge contracts with plants that are now closed and they are in trouble. Most of them were trying to figure out their options - what THEY could do. They weren't waiting for anyone to come and rescue them. Too bad more people don't think like this.

Denise Ryan said...

Diane - I'm so sorry!!! I promise I will next time I'm out that way. I'm back out that way in March - maybe we can get together then. What do you think? March 24 and 25.