Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Want Candy!

My personal life may be a disaster, but my professional life ROCKS!!! I had a great time in Florida with my friends at Republic Finance. We read all this negative press about corporate executives, but the leaders at this company are fantastic people who really care about their employees. They are energized by what they do and a joy to work with. (And they love me too!! )

After my recent relationship debacle, I can use a little love. Thanks, Republic Finance!

Speaking of love, when I got back from Florida, there was a box on my doorstep from Sweet Services. A big box. A big box containing 5 pounds of candy! Wheee!!! Who needs a relationship with a man when I can have a relationship with candy?

It's hard to show you how much candy 5 lbs. really is:

I put a pen in the upper right to try and give this some scale. The bag was bigger than your head. Much bigger. Almost two heads. It was loaded with cinnamon and butterscotch discs, Smarties, Charms Blow Pops, Andes Mints, lollipops, and these really good toffee chews.

Picture and description from the Sweet Services Website:

Primrose Asst. Toffee Description
Who can resist soft chewy Toffee! These candies are available in 5 YUMMY flavors: Vanilla, Raspberry, Chocolate, Buttered Rum, and Maple. Candies are individually wrapped in bright foil wrappers. These are sold in bulk.

These were like high speed Tootsie Rolls. I REALLY liked the raspberry ones - delicious!! I've never had these toffees before, but they were rally good.

Sweet Services has a TON of candy, but they sell in bulk - so they are the go to people when you need a LOT of candy:

And don't we all really need a LOT of candy?


diane said...

Yes!! We all need lots and lots of candy. Even the doctors say it's good for you ;) BTW-Food Network's Unwrapped last night showed how Mars bars are made. mmmm

Denise Ryan said...

Oooh - I've been DVRing those - I'll have to watch that one!! Thanks for the reminder, Diane!!