Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Peanutty Valentine

I have to give a big Valentine's Day shout out to all of you who gave me some back up with my recent romantic disaster. Your support really means a lot to me. It was great to hear from you all.

I am following my own advice and getting back out there and have managed 1.) to be asked for my number by a drunk electrician who tried to buy a cigarette from me for a quarter (I don't smoke, but what a "hot" line) and 2.) to actually go on a date with a suspected arsonist (apparently his house recently burned down under suspicious circumstances and the insurance company is investigating him). I'm not sure why you would tell someone that on a first date. And no, these two men were not the same guy, although I would assume an electrician could easily become an arsonist. Unless he were drunk. Or maybe because he was drunk.

So you see, things are looking up!

Ahem - on to surer bets. Men might let me down, but Reese's never will!!!!! And have they pulled out all the stops for Valentine's Day! Cupid must know I need some love!

This is the first time I've seen these - they are like the baby to the regular Reese's Heart. 85 calories each and really great. But evilly addictive. Do not keep the bag near you. Lock it down. Lock yourself down. Very peanut buttery. Dreamy.

There are even smaller Reese's hearts and these have more chocolate and hold their shape better. You want aesthetic beauty - go with these. You want sinful peanut butter, go with the blob.

You'll notice this is an assorted bag - with Hershey Milk and Special Dark Chocolate Hearts too. Pretty foil, pretty colors. Again - you want bling, you want shiny, pretty things - here you go. I want shapeless blobs of salty/sweet peanut butter! YAH!!!

You can opt for no assortment and just go for all Reese's.

This assortment has the full size Reese's cup, a baby Kit Kat and a baby Hershey bar. The Kit Kats bars are conversation bars (good God - EVERYBODY stole the Sweethearts one claim to fame. There is no shame!! Rhyming unintentional.) Each Kit Kat bar has a different message molded into it "love ya!" "cutie pie" and "could u b any coolr?" (That's a little scary.)

There was another one, but I ate it and forgot what it said. (I'm a sick, sick woman.) Kit Kats are just too addictive - I'm not strong enough to open more and just read them and trash them. So the remaining phrases will be a mystery until I give these out at a seminar and the attendees read them to me.

Here they are naked.

But Reese's is just getting warmed up! They also have the usual miniature Reese's cups in red and gold foil. And then there are the Big Boys:

Oh baby - these are my favs. I love the Reese's Heart - weighing in at 180 calories. Then there is the Double the Peanut Butter Heart weighing in at 340 calories and 21, yes 21 grams of fat! (No wonder Cupid is so chubby.) And the ginormous Peanut Butter foil wrapped heart which has 680 calories and 40 grams of fat. (This is supposed to be four servings, I'm just all about the dramatic effect of the total.) Cupid doesn't have to shoot you with an arrow - he can just force feed you one of these and your arteries will explode.

But if I gotta go.....Hit me, Cupid!!!

Let's take off every body's clothes:

Now that's my idea of a centerfold!!!! The one at the top is the foil wrapped molded guy. Followed by the blobs - then the Big Daddy! The Big Daddy is molded as well and has details like a lovely bow. I say too much chocolate (remember the Reese's Christmas Snowman? Great detail and a big thick base of chocolate. That's the way this is made.) When it comes to Reese's I'm not in it for the chocolate. I'm in it for the peanut butter.

I do have to tell you that the little tray the Double the Peanut Butter Heart comes on was completely soaked in peanut oil? fat? something very oily. A sane person might be bothered by this. Look at the slick shine on the Double PB Heart. Again, I'm not in this for the aesthetics, I'm in for that decadent, sinful, greasy, salty sweet, peanut buttery taste! YEHAW!!!

Do you think this oil could serve as an accelerant? I'll check with my lunch date.


Carole said...

Hee hee...thanks for the laugh this morning...are you off to FLA? Good luck and hope it's warm there!

Denise Ryan said...

And I didn't even mention our new mob connections!! (Carole was out with me and somehow managed to dige the electrician). Yep - heading out - thanks for the well wishes!! xoxoxo

Carl Weaver said...

Denise, I am saddened to learn that you are not part of the "loosey" economy. There's good money to be made by selling loose cigarettes. My GED students used to buy looseys at 50 cents each. I tried to explain to them that smoking 20 looseys - the equivalent to one pack of smokes - costs $10 while a full pack, brand new costs $5. Just save your money, I would say, and get a better deal. Or better yet, stop smoking. Nope, they just kept going to the store to buy 50 cent smokes. I am glad to not be teaching those classes anymore.

Oh, yeah - I told you I really didn't start that fire!

droy said...

Hi Denise
i stumbled upon your blog while searching (in Vain) for a dark chocolate hard candy recipe. i am in love w/ chocolate, and just reading your sentence about the possible future extinction of chocolate got me depressed. i love to cook and am having the hardest time purchasing dk chocolate hard candies. like a Wurthers butterscotch only in dk chocolate. See's Candies makes them and they are out of this world but i wanted to try and make some myself. can you recommend a recipe or website that may provide such a recipe? i will be so grateful for your help. THanks, Donna Roy

Denise Ryan said...

Wow - a whole underground economy I had no idea about!! What a racket!!

I only suspected you because of your questional love of the Circus Peanut. You carney types can't be trusted! ; )

Denise Ryan said...

Donna, I'm going to ask my buddy Carl Weaver at the National Confectioners Association about this. If anyone can help - it will be him!!

Heidi said...

OK, so this is the truth.
I bought myself a box of Baker's Square dark chocolate baking chocolates.
Every time I read your blog, I have a little half-square handy. It has 70 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.
Today, it will have more than that because I am plunking it into a jar of peanut butter.
Hey, if I'm gonna read this stuff, I need to have something available to curb the cravings -- might as well get some dark "healthy" chocolate with the antioxidants and regulate myself accordingly.
You just kill me, girlie. These photos just kill me. But I MUST READ!!!

Denise Ryan said...

Baking Chocolate! And you, who hooked me on Nutella!! Thank God for the peanut butter in your house!! (And it is hard from me to write about all this stuff and not want to eat it ALL!! I'm just thrilled you're reading!!)