Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bailing Out the Chocolate Makers

I feel compelled to participate in the upcoming bailout program. If Congress can spend trillions, why can't I do my part? (Of course, I am spending my OWN money, but why split hairs?)

Today I did my part to help bail out the chocolate industry:

Who needs a boyfriend? I can shower myself with gifts! (Well, it was all half price.) I got all this for less than $100! I LOVE America!!!!!!!

If you want to do your part, I recommend hitting the drug stores. Target was pretty much cleaned out, but Walgreen's had TONS of stuff!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did realize that I'll be giving out Valentine's candy in my seminars all year long, but what the heck! We've already discovered that chocolate lasts forever. (Well at least a year.)

I also got two bags of the mysteriously good Sweet Time taffy. My dentist will be proud.

So I'm encouraging all of you to do your part. Get thee to a Valentine's Day sale!!


Carl Weaver said...

Darn tootin'. I discovered half-price Valentine's Day candy at CVS yesterday. I bought two BIG peanut butter hearts so I wouold not have to share with my sweetie.

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha!! Carl, I'm so glad you like Reese's. That balances out the Circus Peanut nicely. Although there is a peanut trend....

Anonymous said...

where can i find sweet time taffy?! i was given some by a coworker and i'm hooked! HELP!

Denise Ryan said...

I am with you - I LOVE that stuff!! I found mine at Walgreen's but they only had it at Valentine's Day. I'm going to keep looking - I'm hoping they'll have some Easter taffy - it really was great!! Good luck!! And thanks for your comment!