Thursday, February 26, 2009

More of the Candy Undead

Dating update - last night's date confessed to me that his ex-wife took a restraining order out on him. Now before you think I'm dredging these guys up from the depths of Hell, this guy seemed respectable! He's a doctor for God's sake! But needless to say, I'll be passing on any more dates with him. Let's go back to Mast General Store - it's much safer there.

I just finished devouring Doscher's famous (I think "famous" is a bit of a reach here) French Chew Taffy bar. This one was chocolate and it was pretty darn good! Softer than I expected and fun to chew - I liked it! Only 160 calories too!

This is from their web site and I completely agree:

We think you will find that Doscher's possesses a great taste, texture and shape. Doscher's Candies, founded in 1871, have been making the taffy for over a century. Doscher's is a small, independent candy company making taffy by hand in Cincinnati, in copper kettles dating back to 1893. It is made five days a week at a rate of about 75 bars per minute.

Although vanilla is the best selling flavor! Not chocolate. That just seems wrong.

Mast also has mini Heath and Clark bars as well as Kits and B-B-Bats. Heath and Clark bars will be reviewed elsewhere - I just liked getting these baby ones. Kits and B-B- Bars are just heinous. Too hard, crummy flavor - disappointing. One of the Kits flavors I got was peanut butter - I was so excited. Not so good. These are bought by people who just don't know any better. Get a French Chew Taffy bar! Get a Tootsie Roll! Just unwrapping these things is too much trouble.

This is a white chocolate Toberone bar (which I'll review elsewhere) and some Chocolate Cream Drops. Mast also sells several bags of candy like this - chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate malt balls, Jordan almonds, etc. These are nothing to write home about - they are just adequate. The chocolate is average and the cream is very sugary. But if you buy some, you might find them hard to stop eating. I have no explanation for this.

Now look at this baby:

I've been wanting to try one of these since I read about them in Candy Freak.

The Chase Candy Company is another small American candy maker based in St. Louis. They've been making the Cherry Mash since 1918. From the company's web site:

Around 1918 Chase formulated what was to become the best selling cherry candy bar in the country, Cherry Mash. The candy consisted of a quarter pound mound of chopped roasted peanuts blended with chocolate coating over a smooth cherry fondant center. Interestingly the candy was called Cherry Chase then Cherry Chaser before becoming the Cherry Mash we know today.

Here it is naked:

And you know how I like to perform chocolate autopsies:

Wow - look at that cherry! Chase says this is the "best selling cherry candy bar in the country." I ask you - are there any other cherry candy bars in the country? But, hey, I'm all for bold marketing.

Now I'm a little conflicted about this bizarre concoction. I'm not a big cherry fan as you all know. And look at all that cherry!! But somehow the abundance of peanuts offsets some of the cloying sweetness of the cherry. It wasn't bad! If you like cherry, you should really try one of these. But it is VERY filling (it's about the size of a small fist) and has almost 300 calories. I can't really recommend this, but I can't really dis it either. I'm glad the Cherry Mash is out there and I'm glad I tried it.

I love this crazy candy adventure!!

As for the dating far, not so much.


Darren said...

Restraining order? Denise, maybe I should have my wife set you up with someone. She works with lots of doctors over at UNC, and at least half of them don't have restraining orders :)

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha, ha - can you believe it??

diane said...

I agree with Darren. We need to review your potential dates for you. For some reason, you seem to find the strange ones. Hmmm... maybe they smell the chocolate?

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha - OMG Diane - that is hilarious!! I bet you're right!!