Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's Bail Out the Girl Scouts!

I usually avoid them - those people selling things near the entrance or exit of a store. I try not to make eye contact and move like I am on an important mission.

I give to charities. But I don't like to be solicited on the street. I don't like the perfume sprayers in Belk either. Or those weird kiosk people in the mall. No you can't ask me anything and no I don't want any lotion. What are you people? Carneys? Gypsies? The Undead?

But yesterday I read that Girl Scout Cookie sales are down 16% because of the recession. I usually don't buy Girl Scout Cookies - not because I have anything against the Girl Scouts - I used to be a Brownie. (Hey - maybe that's when my love affair with chocolate began! I actually WAS chocolate!!) I don't buy the cookies because I cannot stop eating the damn things.

But today I went to Lowe's, and there they were. I saw them. I remembered the story. I thought, "Recession be damned!" and bought four boxes (at $14.00). I mean, are we going to let the Recession take Girl Scout Cookies from us????

I have already eaten an entire sleeve of peanut butter sandwiches and 6 peanut butter patties, and 4 Thanks-A-Lot which were WAY better than I expected. I didn't dare open the Carmel deLites. (Didn't these used to be Samoas? Is that not politically correct? Are Samoans offended? Did the Rock pull a Naked Cowboy and sue?) The cookies are better than I remembered, although we can see why I don't buy them. Those little Girl Scouts selling me peanut butter cookies is like a dealer giving a junkie crack.

But I'll take that risk to help bail out the Girl Scouts.


KiddoKare1 said...

Yes, the Caramel Delites used to be called Samoas. Not sure of the reason for the name change. The Tagalongs are my favorites. And thin mints. And Samoas/Caramel Delites. Hmmm...wishing a Girl Scout would come hit me up right about now. LOL.

Denise Ryan said...

Hee, hee - they are way too good, aren't they???