Wednesday, October 22, 2008

True Confessions

I've always felt better after confessing my sins. If I tell my girlfriends how much I over ate, somehow I feel skinner. I can't explain it. So you, dear readers, get to be my confessors.

I chose pumpkin over chocolate today.

I know - can you believe it? I had two choices today at lunch (well, I guess I had four - no dessert (HA!), chocolate brownie, pumpkin blondie, or both!). I saw the chocolate brownie - it looked good - a nice dusting of powdered sugar, nuts - yummy. But the other "brownie" looked orange. My breath caught - could it be? I said hopefully, "Is that pumpkin?" (I mean, honestly, how often do you get a pumpkin dessert as an option?) "Yes!" Our hostess said immediately with as much excitement as I felt! She said they were great! Her eyes were sparkling.

I went with the pumpkin.

I have no regrets. It was awesome! Like a cakey, pumpkin nut blondie. Yum!!!

But I feel like I cheated on chocolate.

Oh, I can rationalize. The pumpkin is rare, seasonal. Everyone else picked brownies, they did not go uneaten.


I feel I must somehow make it up to chocolate. Maybe I can:

This is Bissinger's Pumpkin Bark and it tastes just like their description:

With real pumpkin swirled through creamy milk chocolate, our Pumpkin Bark is a delicious reminder of such cherished traditions as homemade pie.

It really tastes like pumpkin! And look how pretty it is!!

You might want to try some Bissinger's Chocolate, if you haven't. Not only is it delicious (at least the pumpkin bark is), their history is lofty (at least according to them):

The name "Bissinger" has long been linked to fine confections. The Bissinger family began creating their fine delicacies in 17th-century Paris, and at that time European nobility, heads of state, Ludwig of Bavaria and the Rothschilds were all loyal Bissinger enthusiasts. Bissinger's confections were once enjoyed by King Louis XIV and were used as a gift by Napoleon Bonaparte to his beloved Josephine upon his return from battle. In fact, Karl Frederic Bissinger, the company's namesake, was named the Confiseur Imperial, or "Candy Maker of the Empire," for excellence in the confectionery arts by Emperor Louis Napoleon.

Hey, if it's good enough for Napoleon, it's good enough for me.

It's a seasonal fling with pumpkin, my heart belongs to chocolate. (But sometimes you can have your chocolate and your pumpkin too!) Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned.....


Heidi said...

Oh m'gosh ... You are WICKED.
That photo of that thing is driving me insane.
Thanks to you, I have a purse-full of a secret chocolate stash that I am hiding from my husband and child.
So now I have confessed, too.
By the way, I can't watch a Harry Potter flick without craving a pumpkin dessert of some form! Now I know where to go to buy one!

Leann said...

I think it's ok to cheat on chocolate now and then. Makes it realize how much is needs you too!

Denise Ryan said...

Thanks, Leann - if YOU give me absolution, I really do feel better!!