Monday, October 20, 2008

Chocolate and Coincidence

It is said that there are no coincidences. Well, if that's the case, the Universe is telling me to write about Lake Champlain. First I see an article about the Annual Giant Pumpkin Regatta on Lake Champlain. There's a picture with the article. People in a lake sitting in giant pumpkins holding oars. Little American flags jabbed into the rear of the pumpkins. Okay, that's insane, but way festive. It reminds me I need to review those Lake Champlain Chocolates truffles.

Later I pull into my driveway and across the street there's one one of those little trucks you can rent when you decide to move yourself (another act of insanity in my book, but hey, it takes all kinds). But I notice this weird looking snake thing on it - it looks like the Loch Ness Monster. (You know how they have an image for the different states on some of these trucks?) Well, I move closer and read that this is for Vermont and is an image of "Champ" the thing people believe lives in Lake Champlain. The truck says there were over 350 sighting of this creature.

Now I don't know about you, but I REALLY wouldn't want to be in a giant pumpkin in a lake with a creature in it! But if there are no coincidences, I'm listening to the Universe and writing about Lake Champlain truffles. And since I have some of Godiva's fall truffles, I'll throw them in for comparison.

Here they all are:

The LCC truffles are on the right above the cute deer logo (one of the nice paper cups they come in). Godiva is on the left. The Godiva truffles are about 1/3rd smaller than the LCC truffles. Godiva's flavors are Pecan Pie (with the nuts), Cranberry (with the pink), and Maple Walnut (in white). LCC's flavors are French Roast (with the cool little sprinkley squares on top), Legendary Dark (the darkest one), Raspberry (with the white cross), and Hazelnut (with the cute little swirl).

***This portion of the blog contains some images that may be disturbing to some viewers.***

Here they are after the autopsy:

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the LCC truffles all look like they are filled with chocolate mousse - light and fluffy. That line in two of the Godiva truffles is a hole or a trench - it must have something to do with their production process. But it's kind of a gyp if you ask me.

Okay, let's review these bad boys. Godiva's cranberry - you only see half of it here because the chocolate crumbled when I tried to cut it. The cranberry filling is vaguely reminiscent of some berrylike thing, but it does no justice to the cranberry. I wouldn't buy this again. Pecan Pie I liked better, but it's a little salty for Pecan Pie. I'm from Georgia (where we know our pecan pie!). This needs help but shows great promise. I would get it again. Maple Walnut was definitely my favorite, but the white chocolate makes it very sweet. Would love to see it done with dark chocolate or even milk chocolate. Pass on cranberry, try Pecan Pie if you like pecans, definitely get Maple Walnut.

LCC truffles are so smooth and creamy it should be illegal. The Hazelnut is as light as air - it's like hazelnut mousse. And the hazelnut flavor is perfect, definitely there, but not overpowering. Some things made with hazelnut are too strong for me (I find hazelnuts kind of bitter). This is dreamy.

Raspberry is also very good - very subtle on the raspberry. Now this appeals to me - I find most raspberry/chocolate combos much too heavy on the raspberry. Now if you are a raspberry lover, this may be too subtle for you. I find it perfect.

Of course, I see now why I was not too crazy about the spiced pumpkin truffle from LCC. The pumpkin was too subtle for me. I want the pumpkin in my truffles to scream pumpkin, not seductively whisper it.

The French Roast is another subtle combo - if you like coffee, I think you'll really like this truffle. Not overpowering, but very flavorful. And again, all have this fluffy, almost mousse-like filling. You have to try it to really appreciate it.

And the Legendary Dark - WOW!!!! Imagine the smoothest, creamiest chocolate mousse you have ever had, then imagine it made from dark chocolate - so light and flavorful but with no bitter aftertaste at all.

If you like chocolate, stop wasting time with Godiva and order from LCC:

But stay away from the lake.

The message? Sometimes subtle is best. We Americans are not known for our subtlety. I'll be the last person to ever be described as subtle. But sometimes a whisper is so much better than a shout. A squeeze of the hand so much more meaningful than a slap on the back. Is there some area of your life you'd like to try a more subtle approach? Or maybe you've been too subtle and would like to try a stronger approach. Lake Champlain's variance on the strength of flavors creates a different outcome. Is there something you can change in your approach to create a different outcome? If there really aren't any coincidences, maybe there's something in this message especially for you.


Carl Weaver said...

I had heard of LCC truffles but have not had them. Now I want to go get some! Except that the autopsy photos have thrown off my appetite. Haha.

Thanks for the review. Subtle is sometimes better, as you say. Good job tying it all together.

Heidi said...

Awesome, awesome post!
I feel so motivated now, plus you are one hilarious woman.
I really enjoyed the autopsy photos, thank you for that -- so much so that I went right out to WalMart and bought myself a bag of Dove chocolates with hazlenut caramel inside them.
And I enjoyed reading about Lake Champlain, because my dad used to drive across it all of the time when he was a boy. Never knew there was a monster in it, though!
Thanks for the laugh and the diversion from stress today.