Saturday, October 18, 2008

Creative Idea for Meetings

I'm so excited! My new friend Carl Weaver at the National Confectioners Association has a great blog and he talked about me! Check it out: Carl posts some great stuff including a neat list of places to visit for candy-loving travelers. Thanks, Carl! (Somehow I think you may hear more about Carl and the NCA.)

I'm also excited because the people at the Metro Atlanta Payroll Association are so dang creative! I spoke for their group Friday and the theme of their meeting was "Constructing a Payroll Team." (Okay, that didn't really grab me either.) But what they did with it! Hardhats filled with candy, Bob the Builder stuff, nail hammering contests, orange cones and vests everywhere to pay homage to Atlanta's eternal road construction, and on and on. Even their vendors did great giveaways based on the theme - stress hammers, ADP gave away measuring tapes - it was terrific! And they had visited my website and knew I had the chocolate seminars. Look at how creative and cool this is:

White and milk chocolate tools and construction trucks - two for every attendee! (That's 200!) I also had some chocolate needle-nose pliers and a bulldozer, but I ate them on the way home. (Hey - it's a long drive from Atlanta to Raleigh!) And they were excellent! Barbara Bozeman (a very loyal association member) and her daughter made them. If you want to order something like this - call them! (Onie's Treats 770-898-6970)

I speak at many conferences and it's rare to see the theme so well done. The attendees had a blast! See how much fun chocolate is? It brings out the kid and the fun in all of us. (And how many people can say they've eaten a pair of pliers?)


Heidi said...

I have not eaten a pair of pliers, but I do know Bob the Builder very well. He lives in our house in a toy box with his machinery.
How fun for you, though! You have a GREAT JOB.

Lisa said...

Thanks Denise -

Your energy and enthusiasm really started our day off on both feet! I heard many terrific comments about the points you presented on What Makes a Great Leader; I'll definitely be keeping a few in mind, and brushing up on a few others!

Lisa Poole

Denise Ryan said...

Lisa - thank you for having me!!! You all were terrific!!!