Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Last Halloween Review

I'm so sad to see Halloween go! I'll be giving out candy tomorrow for those few young souls still brave enough to go door-to-door. Then - poof - it will be over. But not yet!!!

Here's my last Halloween find:

I think Peeps are a riot - I love them! Soft and sweet!! Freshness is key - they are so good stale. (To me - I know some people who prefer them stale!). And I was so excited to find these Cocoa Cats - they are pretty darn good! Low calorie, chocolate flavor, and look at those little eyes and whiskers!! How can you not be entertained by these??

And here's the really cool thing!!!! My good buddy Karen has Just Born (the company that makes Peeps) as a client. I'm going to get to see the factory!! It's not open to the public, so this is pretty damn exciting!! I am so hoping I'll get to see them squeeze out the marshmallow, paint on the eyes - yay!! And I really want to eat a Peep hot off the line! Woowee!!!!

Next weekend I head up to NY for the Chocolate Show and then on the way back, I'm stopping in PA to tour the factory. I'll have some great stories to share with you when I get back!!

Here are some thoughts for Halloween:

Give out candy!!! Even if just a few kids come by - it will make their night. And it really is fun - most of them as so cute!

Eat some candy! My friend Leann at Lake Champlain Chocolates says that Halloween candy eaten on Halloween has no calories. (And she should know - she's a professional!)

Watch a scary movie! There are several on TV Halloween night - make some popcorn and have some fun.

Do something to celebrate the day - life is short!! Have some fun along the way!!

Happy Halloween!!


Denise Ryan said...

Lucky! I love Peeps, especiall when they're stale after a few days exposure. Take lots of pics. One of the best things to do with peeps, put them on top of your hot chocolate. They look wicked cute and kids (including me) dig 'em. Have a great trip!

Leann from LCC send this one, and I accidentally deleted it! ARGH! And I LOVE the idea of Peeps on hot choclate - yay!!! Thanks, Leann!!

Heidi said...

It's 26 hours since our child brought home his trick-or-treat bag, and already more than half of the candy is gone. But believe it or not ... it's NOT THE KID who ate the candy.
Poor kid, living in a house with a couple of candy thieves ...