Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eggs, Radioactivity and Chocolate

The Cadbury's Egg reigns supreme. Even at Halloween.

My "friends" (and I am using that term more and more loosely) at Russell Stover tired to get on the egg bandwagon with the following two offerings:

Buzzard Eggs. Normally I would applaud such creativity. But once you've had a Cadbury Creme Egg, you can't accept second rate imitators. If you're going to shamelessly steal someone else's candy, you should do it better!! Of these two, the vanilla and chocolate is better. But it's a far cry (or should I say, squawk) from the delectable Cadbury Egg. The egg where you can bite off the top and see the yolk and lick out the creamy center. Yum!! (Excuse me, I'm having a Cadbury's moment.)

This egg is coated with that lame RS chocolate and as soon as you bite it, the whole thing breaks. You have gooey buzzard yolk all over your hand. Ugh. The chocolate/vanilla ooze tastes good, but who wants to lick it off their hands? The marshmallow caramel is, well, just creepy. The marshmallow is spongy, and with the caramel oozing around it...let's just say you don't want to eat this.

Now here's where it really gets weird.

Here's a naked Buzzard Egg:

Now it was really hard to get a good shot of this, but do you see those wavy EASTER EGG lines? Who decorates Buzzard Eggs? Was Russell Stover too lazy to make a new mold for Halloween? I say if you're going to try and pull off something as stupid as a Buzzard Egg at least lose the Easter Egg mold! Boo! If you have crappy tasting chocolates, at least get with the aesthetics! And hey, why not vulture eggs? It is Halloween, after all. These eggs suck.

I have another boo (both on the flavor and aesthetics ratings):

I like the bats on the wrapper. And these aren't bad, they just aren't as good as milk chocolate Kit Kats or dark chocolate Kit Kats. I think this coating is too sweet - I really missed the milk chocolate. Also the orange is a bit disturbing - you open it and you're startled - it's kind of radioactive looking. Great to give to the Trick or Treaters, but Kit Kat can do better.

I am so having a blast this Halloween!! All these fun things that only come around once a year! You just have to try them!! I'm also especially delighted this time of year because so many things come out with pumpkin flavors! I LOVE pumpkin!! I also like cinnamon and nutmeg, those flavors get more play in the fall too. And maple and brown sugar! How good is life?

I'll hope you'll join me in savoring the fall and the holidays this year. I'm not going to worry about what I can't control, but I am going to celebrate the changing of the seasons (and of the candy aisle!). Life is good!! But Buzzard Eggs are bad, very bad.

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Heidi said...

Those things DO look radioactive, and pooh-pooh to Russell Stover for trying to match an idea that someone else has mastered so well. It just makes them look so BAD.
Good thing we have you around or we would've given those things to Trick Or Treaters!