Friday, October 24, 2008

CSI Chocolate

It's Halloween - let's get back to the morgue.

Bwah, ha, ha!!!!!

First I showed you autopsy photos of Lake Champlain Truffles, now.....

These chocolate skulls are made exclusively for Williams-Sonoma by Valerie Confections. I love the description on the box:

The wizards at artisan chocolatier Valerie Confections put the magic in the macabre with this luscious chocolate skull collection. The haunted heads are hand made in small batches from premium Guittard chocolate that is tinted with colored cocoa butter in uncanny shades of midnight, bone and chocolate. When the chocolate reaches the proper temperature, candy makers pour it into custom molds, where it takes on the creepy details of empty eye sockets and sunken cheeks. No kidding! Look at these:

Pretty dang scary, huh? Excellent look! But I have to say, not so great taste. This chocolate is hard as a rock! Probably had to be to get such detail. I mean you can see individual teeth and the lines where the plates of bone connect in the skull!!! Great for effect, but no good to eat.

Once again, don't judge a chocolate by its wrapper. It's hard to stop ourselves though, isn't it? We make our greatest mistakes with people. Give too much power to the attractive and dismiss the unattractive.

Maybe it just goes back to the fact that we can seldom have it all. Something has to be sacrificed in one area to excel in another. We have to give up a little of the taste to achieve excellence in the artistry. We have to give up a little beauty to get more compassion. Know what's most important to you when choosing a chocolate, choosing a mate or making any choice. You can't have it all and have it all now. But you can learn from every choice you make and get better and better at choosing what works for you.

Alas, poor Yorick! Here's to the fact that we're all alive, can eat chocolate, and will live another day to choose again!!


Heidi said...

Wow, those things are wickedly interesting to look at. But how telling that they don't taste very good. And how much, pray tell, do these skulls cost? I'll bet that WS is charging a pretty penny for them.
You're right -- it just goes back to the idea that you never know what's beneath the surface ... whether it's chocolate or a person or situation. It takes time to figure it out. Great post.

Denise Ryan said...

They are crazy expensive - $19.95 for six! But they were on sale for $9.95, so I took a chance. I'm clearly insane.