Monday, March 15, 2010

Texas Candy - the Grand Finale!

Did you know the Texas state tree is the pecan? I didn't, but I was wondering why there was so much pecan candy. Candy is a clue to the mysteries of life.

We looked at pralines in New Orleans (where they are way too sweet for me). Let's see what they've got in Texas:

Love the box and the festive design and colors. These are nice because they are bite size:

See the pecans in there? These were good and chewy. Could have had more pecan bits. Very chewy like a good caramel. Like 'em.

This "pecan chewy" was enormous - about the size of a large hamburger.

And it was delicious! You know what was best about it? TONS of pecans with just a little sugar and other stuff. If you love pecans like I do - this is for you. I loved it. It should be called Fistful of Pecans. We could squint like Eastwood when we eat it.

It's made by it's not a praline - that requires all the junk apparently. I think it was much, much better. YUM!! Made in San Antonio. It's so cool when you get to buy something really made locally. And not in China. Unless, of course, you're IN China, they it would be made locally. (God, get me out of this digression.)

This is a Texas Chewie by Lammes Candies - they also say it's a pecan praline. (This is getting kind of confusing - chewie, praline, fistful - what the hell?) There was a lot more of the other stuff - corn syrup, butter, milk, etc. here than in the pecan chewy by Monterrey. But still not as super sweet as those from New Orleans. I like these much better. These seem more like a caramel, those in New Orleans seem more like fudge.

Lammes is another one of those long standing American candy companies - On their website there's a great section on their history and you can order a catalog. I want to see them continue - I requested a catalog.

These are very, very good and what a great American success story! Get a catalog!! Yehaw!! I squinted when I filled out the online form.

As you all know, everything is bigger in Texas. Look at these jelly beans:

I love jelly beans, so these are like a beautiful dream - giant, chewy, sugary - YAY!! Happy Easter to us!!

Well, not quite yet. I have some unfinished business to attend to. It involves the cherry. Meet me tomorrow at the O K Corral.

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