Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Peanut Butter Begins!!!

Woohoo - it's the Easter post many of you have been waiting for! PEANUT BUTTER!

I have so many peanut butter Easter candies, I'm going to have to do at least two posts. This one will cover the smaller candies up to the size of the standard Reese's Egg. The next posts will cover all the many standard eggs and the GIANT peanut butter eggs. So kick back and enjoy this lovely trip to candy heaven.

The littlest peanut butter eggs are the Reese's Pieces Pastel Eggs and the peanut butter M & M's Speck-tacular Eggs. These are the only ones with an outer candy shell.

The Reese's Pieces Eggs come in several different packages. The large 12 oz bag:

The single serving 1.5 oz bag:

And the adorable 3.5 oz carton:

The M & M's just come in one size - the large 9.90 oz bag:

Both are in bight festive colors - the M & M's are indeed speckled. And look how big the Reese's Pieces eggs are compared to regular Reese's pieces - yay!

Here are the autopsy photos and you can see the major difference:

The M & M's (on the left) have chocolate, the Reese's Pieces eggs do not. I have to tell you, I love them both, I really do. In fact, I refuse to put one above the other, because they both are sooooo delicious!!! One thought though - this is the only time of year you can get the Reese's Eggs - you can get peanut butter M & M's anytime.

This is a Palmer mix with milk chocolate flavored eggs, cottontail crisps, and peanut butter filled rabbits:

Here are the peanut butter rabbits:

I have to tell you - these are pretty bad. Too much waxy chocolate and not enough peanut butter. Boooo!!!!

Reese's has these milk chocolate and peanut butter foil wrapped eggs:

This is the first time I've seen this packaging - a direct rip-off of the Cadbury Mini Cream Egg packaging. It's a much better deal price wise to buy the bag.

Here's the autopsy photo:

These are pretty damn good - filled with that delicious Reese's Peanut Butter.

Palmer has a very similar (slightly larger) foil wrapped peanut butter egg. It comes in an assortment with both caramel and fudge eggs:

Here they are - I like the look of that blob of peanut butter!

I like the size of this egg better and it is filled with creamy peanut butter. This, my friends, is pretty damn good. I know, I know, it's Palmer - but that peanut butter is hard to beat - I love it! I'm not going to say it's better than the Reese's Eggs - but I'm going to say they are just as good. Try them!!!! You'll probably have to get the assortment - I haven't seen any bags of just peanut butter. I found these at Rite Aid.

See the size difference (Palmer on the right)? See the peanut butter? Isn't it beautiful? I love Easter!

The last of the round eggs (meaning no flat bottom) is from Lindt:

Now I adore Lindt and the Lindor truffles and this is an amazing smooth, creamy wonderful Swiss chocolate. It is a better quality chocolate than either Palmer (duh) or Hershey, but the peanut butter just doesn't kick the same butt. It's more chocolately. I really like the more peanut buttery taste. I'm not saying I'm throwing this away or anything crazy, but I like the others better.

Let's move on up to the small flat eggs - these have less than 100 calories each and are less than 2 inches long. Reese's has both a white and a milk chocolate mini-egg and look at all the packaging options!

I was delighted with this cute thing:

You open it up and get a little of everything:

See everything that was in there? It's the perfect Easter gift! I was surprised and delighted so much was in it! Yay!!!

Here's a large bag with both flavors:

And one with what has got to be the most popular flavor - milk chocolate:

Here the little babies are:

Isn't that beautiful?

The trick here is thin layers of chocolate and HUGE quantities of peanut butter. Life is good!

Dove has Elegant Eggs (what the Fairy Bunny carries, I assume) and these are the peanut butter ones:

Eh. These are fine - don't get me wrong. I like Dove Chocolate very much and these are smooth and creamy, but there's just not enough peanut butter here. See?

See how thick all the layers of chocolate are? Too thick in my book - more peanut butter, more peanut butter, more peanut butter! The Reese's Egg totally crushed the Dove egg in my book. Totally.

New this year for us are Bissinger's peanut butter eggs:

I was surprised at the lovely molding - there are three different designs:

They are really pretty aren't they?

These are better than the Dove eggs - more chocolate and it's really, really delicious milk chocolate. But I am in love with the salty peanut butter of the Reese's egg. I know - this is having the chance to drive a Jag and sticking with your old beater Nova. I know. But I like what I like and I LOVE peanut butter. For me, it's all about the peanut butter. Give me the Nova!

More peanut butter tomorrow!!!!


Laura @ said...

OK, i just gained 10 lbs. looking at all those pictures. Sigh. :)

Denise Ryan said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for the comment - I'm with you!!! And I'm EATING them all - my jeans are getting tight! : )