Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chocolate Odds and Ends and Easter

I keep finding cherry!!! But I didn't even try these once I performed the autopsy.

Hmmm.....something doesn't look right - check out the close up:

Yikes!! See those little round balls? That's not sugar, baby! Some type of mold? Fungus? Ewwwww!!! Maybe it would help if these companies would use some EXPIRATION DATES!!!! Beware if you buy any food stuff at the Grove Park Inn gift shops - apparently they have been on the shelves for a long, long time. This is the third time (all different products and different companies) this has happened to me with Grove Park Inn purchases. Yucko!!!

Look at this - pineapple!!! A pineapple Bing!!! (Remember the ugly yet weirdly good Cherry Bing?)

While this is not terrible, it's not as good as the Cherry Bing. And it's actually called a Tropical Bing. I think the pineapple flavor works best with a high quality dark chocolate - this combo (with milk chocolate and peanuts) is not so good. Sigh. I'm have high hopes for pineapple and chocolate.

Since we talked about Raisinets in the last post, I thought I'd review these:

I found these in World Market - they are from the UK and are made by Fox's Confectionery. They are basically Raisinets, but I like the chocolate a little better. Is it worth going to World Market to hunt them down? No, not really. I mean, is any chocolate covered raisin really that exciting? But if they were next to the Raisinets, and I really was craving the whole chocolate/raisin thing, I would buy these.

I've never seen the Easter Junior Mints before:

Love those wildly colored boxes!!! They only have about seven Junior Mints in each, but they sure are festive!!

And since we looked at the Poppet Raisinets, let's look at the Poppet Junior Mints:

The Poppets (on the right) aren't bad - they have a different taste than the Junior Mints. What they lack is that awesome creamy Junior Mint texture. Who doesn't just adore that? They are just not as creamy - a little more to the chewy side. And they are inconsistent - some seem to have no mint at all and to be solid chocolate. Nope - the Junior Mint is much better. Go USA!! Tootsie Roll Industries makes the Junior Mint.

We are going to be hot and heavy on Easter from here on out. Here's a festive and delicious Frey Swiss Chocolate Bunny to kick us off:

Love the gorgeous metallic packaging.

Isn't he just the cutest rabbit ever? Look at his little rabbit muscles!

And his little cottontail!

Of course, I had to autopsy him for you - hollow:

Frey makes delicious, creamy milk chocolate that I swear only the Swiss can make. This rabbit is exquisitely designed and molded, and the chocolate is wonderful. Easter 2010 is looking pretty darn good!!! Hoppy Spring!!


Kris, in New England said...

I love Easter candy as much as the next person - but please no more bunny autopsies. Please...I'm begging here. Just tell us what's in the middle.

Denise Ryan said...

Sorry, Kris!!I know - he was so cute! How's the hip holding up? I had my first dental appointment post hip today - wheee!

Kris, in New England said...

Hip is great Denise, and it seems you can say the same. It's raining here today and my new hip definitely does not like this kind of weather. Just gets tight and a little uncomfortable.

And frankly, I'll take it over what it was before!