Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Cookie Madness

Some of you may remember when I reviewed the new Goldfish Grahams. Chocolate was good, honey was good, and S'mores (honey and chocolate together with a marshmallow Goldfish thrown in) was good. Newly released is vanilla:

Eh. These were not so good - not when compared to the other flavors. I'm also not sure the ones I got weren't a little overdone. Regardless, they are bland as bland can be. Boo!!

I didn't know these existed:

I like Chips Ahoy. Haven't had one in years, but I have fond memories of eating them soaked in milk as a kid. YUM! So when I saw these chunky ones with PEANUT BUTTER I was soooo excited! The result?

Eh again. I like regular Chips Ahoy better. I like plain peanut butter cookies better. I like my peanut butter cookies to be a little chewy. These are not. Disappointing. I like peanut butter Oreos WAY better.

Speaking of Oreos, look at the Spring Oreos:

Woohoo!!! Look at all that filling! Yay - looks like DoubleStuff to me!!!

Tastes exactly like the regular Oreo, so nothing exciting there. They also have five spring designs. You know how I like it when companies make a product design effort and not just a seasonal package change.

Going clockwise and starting in the upper left corner, we've got a leap frog, a buzz bee, a share the warmth message with a cool sun, a happy spring message with a butterfly and a flower, and the lamest one is a flower like design with the Oreo logo. But I like the designs and the bright yellow filling - yay for Oreo!

Target (one of my favorite places to shop for candy and treats) has some fun cookies. Look at these little chocolate coated cuties:

Leaping rabbits, chicks and eggs with sprinkles - very festive, very cute.

Shortbread cookie on the inside. These were okay - a little too sweet for me. These were way more my style:

Great designs - very well done - you can actually see the design unlike with some other cookies we've seen - the sprinkles aren't covering it up. I like the pink and purple sprinkle combo too.

The best part? A layer of chocolate on the back:

I LOVED these - I prefer the lower chocolate to cookie ratio. I like more cookie and a little less chocolate. And the designs are great. Yummy and festive.

Godiva has a cookie! Wow! I didn't know they made cookies!

I like the rabbit design and these surprised me! I thought it was just a shortbread cookie with a chocolate backing, but no - there's actually a thin layer of chocolate creme in the middle. Very nicely done.

And very delicious! I have to give Godiva big bonus points for these - they were the perfect mix of chocolate and cookie - a real delight.

I got these in Williams-Sonoma - they are paper thin Moravian cookies made right here in North Carolina by the Salem Baking Co. ( They are Easter Egg sugar cookies:

And the back is coated in Guittard semisweet chocolate. Holy smokes!! This is amazing chocolate and these are great little cookies. These are cookies for the chocolate lover - the cookies are really just a chocolate delivery system. I have to say I liked the Godiva cookies better - a little more cookie. But these are great too.

I am a sucker for cookies, but what I like about cookies is their cookiness. So my favorite was the pink and purple sprinkled Target cookie - lots of shortbread cookie and a little chocolate. The Godiva was a close second - only because it's closer to being chocolate than cookie - it's richer. Those who love chocolate more than cookie will prefer the others. But they are all worth trying in my book!!! Yay for cookies! Yay for Spring and yay for fun!!!! Go team cookie!


Kris, in New England said...

Why do they mess with Oreos? I just don't understand it - the originals (and Double Stuf) are perfection...

I like the look of those purple-sugared cookies. I'm with you - I need cookie in my cookie. The Godiva ones look very good but I do like a shortbread with a nice backing of dark chocolate.

We want what we want, don't we.

Denise Ryan said...

Kris, I swear we were separated at birth!! And don't worry about the bunny autopsies! : )