Monday, March 22, 2010

No Autopsied Chocolate Bunnies!

As Kris pointed out, it's kind of bad to autopsy the cutest little chocolate bunny EVAH, so I promise - no such photos in today's post. Lots of bunnies, though. Lots and lots of bunnies.

In fact, I should warn you all that there is so much cuteness in this post that some of you are going to become physically ill. Spring is a time for cuteness - sorry!

Lindt had a special 25% off sale for their frequent shoppers (you can sign up for special deals and offers on their website so I HAD to go in and redeem my coupon. If there's a special chocolate edition of Hoarders, I will be the star. I will blame it all on coupons. I won't say "The Devil made me do it." I'll say, "The coupons made me do it."

Here's a picture of heaven on earth:

Look at all those gorgeous gold bunnies. Doesn't it kind of make you giddy?

These two were huge. My Sorbet Sistah Sassy (who seems to always get dragged into chocolate shops with me) put the little guy up there for scale. He's about the size of your open hand. His BIG brothers are enormous and are $75!

I like tins because you have something after the chocolate is gone. Cute:

And look inside!! Eggs and the tiniest Lindt bunny - he's about the size of a silver dollar.

Isn't he just adorable? He's hollow and he's made out of that smooth, delicious, creamy Lindt milk chocolate. Ah the Swiss - they really do know how to make the most delicious chocolate. I think Lindt chocolate is much, much better than Godiva chocolate.

How cute are these little bugs and bees?

You'll hear more about this giant lady bug in a minute. Just soak up their Spring cuteness right now. I think the big one loves you.

I thought the Lindt bugs were solid milk chocolate. But NO! They are that delicious creamy milk chocolate filled with chocolate hazelnut cream and crisped rice. In other words - they are to DIE for! I wish I had bought more - they are truly delicious and the addition of the crisped rice to all that creaminess provides the perfect textural contrast. A+++ Snap these up!

I promised no autopsies today, but maybe I'll dissect one for you all before I eat them all.

I HAD to buy this in World Market just because there is so much crazy stuff inside:

I've reviewed Riegelein before. It's not Palmer chocolate and for all the fun you get, it's well worth it. I don't care for it as much as Lindt. If Palmer is a two and Lindt is a nine, I'd say Riegelein is a six. But look at what's in the bag!!

A whole happy bunny family! Love the colors and the details on the foil and the different sizes of all the bunnies! They all even have gifts in their paws for you! Awwww!!!

And look what else! Our giant lady bug, two chickens, three large eggs (two of which say Happy Easter in German - yay!), five small eggs, three flat solid bunnies, four chicken head balls, and two weird jelly things.

It's like the clown car at the circus - seeing all that stuff come out of there is hard to believe, fun and exciting. I love these guys!

I saw this weird and cute guy last year, Dove's Fairy Bunny:

I love the colors. But why a Fairy Bunny? What the hell is that? I wondered until I read this poem on the back of the box:

You might wonder how he does it,visits homes across the land.

Without any elves or reindeer to lend a helping hand.

You see, the Easter Bunny has his own crew of magic friends.

A full fleet of furry fairies, on whom he can depend. (I think that should be on which, but what the hell.)

Their vibrant wings are stunning, their eyes sparkle with a gleam,

they carry chocolate so exquisite, a luscious, smooth and silky dream.

So indulge your sense of wonder, along with your love of Dove Brand,

and you may spy a Fairy Bunny bringing joy from up above.

Apparently they abandoned the rhyming at the end. Martha must have been working on this. I would have closed with:

So indulge your sense of wonder and eat the best chocolate from Dove.

We prepare it like the Easter Bunny with our hearts full of love.

I mean really - a no brainer. Put me in, Coach!!!

I like Dove chocolate - the Fairy Bunny is hollow like all of these (except the Lindt Bugs), but the chocolate had a much richer flavor than the Riegelein. It's a less sweet flavor than Lindt, so it really comes down to personal preference. I have to say the Dove Fairy Bunny is much better than anything Palmer or Russell Stover are making and when it comes to mass produced hollow bunnies, they are the main competitors. Dove just has much, much, much better chocolate. Go Dove! Yay weird Fairy Bunny!

I bought this guy because I thought he was the prettiest chocolate rabbit ever with his cute blue coat. He's the blog's mascot this spring:

Look at his little paws and his nervous expression. You can almost see his little nose wiggling. He is a product of Chile (of all places) and is distributed by the Frankford Candy and Chocolate Company out of Philadelphia. After having a bite of Lindt and Dove chocolate, this guy had no chance. Not smooth and creamy, but over sweet and a little waxy like Palmer. Love the way this one looks, hate the way he tastes. (But he's so damn cute! Guess I pick my chocolate rabbits like I pick my men.)

Harry and David has some animals to share with us:

I really like the gorgeous egg package with the satin ribbon. Very pretty and classy.

Although I have to say I am disappointed with these. I usually like H & D chocolate - and I really like the fact that the rabbits are dark chocolate - nice to have some variety. The rabbits were better than the chicks, but they tasted slightly off - a slight odd taste that I couldn't identify. I can't quite put my finger on it. Hmmm......maybe a Fairy Bunny would know.

I found these in World Market:

They are little but are exquisitely molded with classic designs. Look how cute they are:

I love the middle bunny below - his eyes are closed because he's laughing so hard!
It's interesting how different the same mold can look with a different mix of chocolate:

These are made by GBS N.V. a Belgian Company. They are milk, white and dark chocolate with a creamy praline center. I love the designs, but here's the deal. I've had way better. I have some seashells (the traditional design for this type of confection) imported and packaged by A Southern Season and they are much better. These taste much less rich, more waxy. And the praline filling was drier. But I adore all the molded shapes!!

OMG - what a lot of cuteness! Remember spring is a time for rebirth - thus all the cute baby animals and eggs and so forth. It's a great time for renewal and growth. And that means for you too! 2010 is 25% over - what have you done so far? More importantly, what WILL you do? Remember, the Fairy Bunny is watching!


Kris, in New England said...

Oh thank you for the no-autopsy photos. Bunnies are just too adorable to endure that kind of public humiliation.

Candy does look lovely though.

Denise Ryan said...

Hee, hee - you are right - they are way too cute!! : )