Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let Them Eat Cakesters

First of all - a big thanks to all my buddies who called and told me they would be there if I needed them during the hip surgery - you guys are THE BEST! Seriously, I just can't tell you how very, very much you all mean to me.

Next - got the steroid shot yesterday. Um....can I say - ouch? Ouch not in a shot like way - they give you a numbing shot first, and that just feels like a regular shot - no big deal. It's the next one that's the kicker. Basically the Doc jams a big ol' needle into your hip joint (about 4 inches over from the groin). And my hip was so tight, when the needle got it in there - the Doc couldn't eject the steroid serum. The nurse had to move my leg around. It was the weird sensation in the deep nerves that got to me - ew! But at least it beats drilling all the bone marrow out of my femur. Hey - life is grand! I'll let you know if I can tell any difference later in the week.

Now THIS is fascinating!! I got a call today from USAA! Someone in their corporate communications department read the last blog entry! (And I was using them as a example in a training session just today - guess I'll have to go back to using them as a good example.) They called and thanked me for posting the entry because they had no idea the automated system was doing that to people! (you know, HANGING UP on them!) Wow - the power of the Internet! Isn't that amazing? One little blog entry and a corporate giant makes a change. Pretty cool. Maybe they'll send me some chocolate. : ) USAA usually is really great at customer service, so I was pretty shocked by the whole credit card debacle.
Next I'll fix health care.

We need to talk about some chocolate, don't we??? I need some comfort food, so I'm going with Oreos. But not in the way you think. Check these out:

These are new and they are fun. The whole package has only 90 calories. Are they better than Oreos? No - they are light and fun, but maybe too light. I think I could eat 100 and still be hungry. But they were a big hit at a seminar I did today - they were devoured before all the other goodies on the snack table. These would be great with ice cream or for kids to use as a straw with their milk. Or for those of you who drink milk. Wheeee!

They also have cheesy jokes on the package:

Which holiday does a cow enjoy?

Moo Year's Day (Geez that's bad.)
Way more exciting and something I have SOOOO been wanting to try:

I mean what could be better CAKEsters - Oreo CAKES. I love cake.

Doesn't that look beautiful?
But you know me and comparison. I wanted to try the whole Cakester family:

Okay they are vanilla, not chocolate, but they are Cakesters. And I'll use any excuse I can to eat sweets (especially cake). YUM
Now look at these - double chocolate:

And lastly, the "healthy" version:

Okay, the healthy version is good - you get three little cakes for 100 calories. But do not try the other versions or you'll realize how lame these are in comparison.

The Oreo Cakesters are great - nice soft cakes filled with delicious cream. Very good- addictive. But 250 calories for two cakes. And believe me, you're going to eat two. That's how they're packed. I honestly would rather have a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll or a Devil Square. YUM!!!

Nilla Cakesters are okay - if, like me, you like cake and cream, you'll eat these two as well. But, again, I prefer Little Debbie Raisin Creme Pies (same thing, but bigger and with raisins on top).

The chocolate creme Cakesters are my favorite. And I was surprised by this. Usually chocolate and chocolate is too rich for me, but these were good. My heart (and perhaps my soul) still belongs to Little Debbie, but these were pretty darn delish.

You have to give Oreo credit for expanding the cookie line. Now if they would only make the Nutter Butter into a cake..........

Maybe the corporate communications people at Nabisco will read this entry and make Nutter Butter Cakesters!!!

A family portrait. All that's missing is Nutter Butter.

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