Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Internet Ate My Baby

I wasted an entire day today.

I did not intend to waste an entire day - it just got away from me, like a fish slipping off the hook. Gone - never to return.

I started off strong - did my 5 mile walk with my buddy Kristina who I hardly ever see - multitasking - good! Then I took a shower and had a couple of hours before meeting another buddy for lunch. I posted a blog entry, screwed around on Facebook (no - I was not taking quizzes, just responding to people, etc.). I took pictures of some chocolate I want to blog about. Before I knew it, it was time to go to lunch. After lunch I dropped off some newsletters to a client - boom - it was 3:00 and zip, zero, nothing done.

Instead of bearing down and getting some stuff done, what do I do?

I decide I need some motivation - I need something to look forward to - I need to get my game back - I need to plan a big trip! Screw the recession and the hip! (I've already got a cool $1,500 in medical bills, why stop spending now?) The Internet sucked me in like a black hole. I considered the Caribbean - I love the sun and the water and scuba diving. But I get bored so fast.....

So I searched chocolate travel and I found some cool options, but not reasonable. One of the Cruise Lines has a chocolate cruise, but it's $4,000 a person. And I usually don't like being trapped on a boat. There's a company that does a cool trip to Belgium, but you have to have a group. I finally decided I might go to San Francisco - there's a lot of chocolate there (Michael Recchiuti, Richart San Francisco, TCHO, Charles Chocolates, and, of course, http://www.ghirardelli.com/) and stay in Monterey. I've never been out that way and hear it's gorgeous.

Oh - add to the complication of my planning that I want to do this around Christmas. I always have to have a plan for Christmas - that is the one holiday I totally run from. Sitting alone looking at the ocean in Monterey I can handle, sitting alone in my townhouse is awful. Plus this is a great time of year to travel because business is dead and few places are crowded. Ho, ho, ho!

That's it! That was my day. I'd like to say I was abducted by aliens, but that would be a lie. I was unfocused and undisciplined. Don't worry, I'll get back on track tomorrow and I know not to beat myself up too much and that it's okay to have an off day once in a while, blah, blah, blah. But, if you are like me, you've had a day like this. And if you're like me, you weren't happy with it either.

Here's the best way I know to get back on track:

1.) I have a list of the things I have to get done tomorrow. I will finish the list before looking at Facebook or anything else.

2.) I don't have much of a routine, but the morning workout thing threw me - usually I just head into the office and start working. This works best for me. Know what works best for you - I need to be working when I'm most focused.

3.) Know what will have the most impact on your goals. I love writing this blog, but it's not as important as getting work done for a potential client - it's just more fun! I need to do keep my eye on the goal.

4.) Repair the damage. I'll feel better if I get a lot done tomorrow. Maybe I should unplug my computer.

Anybody want to go to San Francisco?


Rosie said...

Monterey is beautiful (lived there for over a year), also check out Carmel by the Sea if you get a chance!

Denise Ryan said...

Hey Rosie!!

Thanks for the feedback - I can use all the help I can get! And thats for the tip on Carmel by the Sea!