Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Promises, Promises

I should have known it was too good to be true. But that didn't stop me. Hope sucked me in, just like it has done so many times in the past. Hope, stupid, foolish, hope.

It was the Yoplait commercials - the wife on the phone talking about Boston Cream Pie, Apple Turnovers.....while her husband desperately searches the fridge for these delectables. Of course she was talking about new yogurt flavors, not the baked goods themselves. But those sound like really good flavors!! And I really like yogurt! What a great idea! What a beautiful dream! Why hadn't anyone thought of this before?

Yeah, whatever. Go ahead and wake up. I just tried Weight Watchers Boston Cream Pie low fat yogurt. It MIGHT have a weird Boston Cream Pie aftertaste. Maybe. If you really concentrate and look at the picture of Boston Cream Pie on the container and try to remember the last time you allowed yourself to actually have Boston Cream Pie.

The bottom line - this yogurt is NOTHING like Boston Cream Pie! Boston Cream Pie is delicious! There's that layer of thick chocolate frosting, the yellow cake, the cream.....

If you really want Boston Cream Pie - have Boston Cream Pie - savor it, celebrate it - make it worth every bite. But don't waste your time with Weight Watcher's Boston Cream Pie yogurt. It just makes you long for what might have been.


Candy Gurus said...

Good review. And good to know. I always think i want to try those flavor-y yogurts too.

(Note you've been added to Candygurus blog roll. You are officially stuck :)

Heidi said...

Oh m'gosh, I've seen that commercial so many times and thought to myself, "THIS IS FRAUD."
Seriously. They are out of their FREAKING MINDS.
I actually have just discovered the best way to savor yogurt, the way it's meant to be eaten -- without artificial sweeteners or flavors that are meant to mimic real food. Buy a yogurt maker, and you can turn out the type of yogurt people enjoy in Greece. The yogurt maker only costs $25, and all you do is buy a 39 cent container of plain yogurt, boil milk, combine the two and put them in little glass jars in the maker for 8 hours. Voila, yogurt. Add real fruit and honey from the farmer's market, and you have a bonafide treat. It does take some getting used to (the different taste) but I really enjoy it now. And I am NOT, I REPEAT NOT, tempted to ever buy that horrible stuff that claims to be Boston Cream Pie and is actually a bunch of chemicals mixed with what should be a delicious and nutritious treat!