Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Chocolate, but Lots of Motivation

I'm watching the Olympic gymnastic competition as I write this and I just can't begin to imagine how these young women (and in some cases - girls) handle the pressure. Can you imagine? One little slip of the hand, one misstep - and your dreams are over. How 'bout if our performances were critiqued like this? "Well, your e-mail was okay, but you lose 3/10ths of a point for subject/verb disagreement." Yipes!! Oh - and you are representing your country and billions of people are watching you all over the world. Watching all these gymnasts - not just the Americans - brings tears to my eyes. The work it has taken to get there; the joy when they do well and the crushing disappointment when they make a mistake. The courage it takes to be there - how inspiring. How ALIVE they all are. What a celebration of every participant!

Today I have nothing to say about chocolate and everything to say about how amazing these athletes are. Make sure you watch some of the games - it will be four more years until we see such heart again. Go Team USA!!!

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Heidi said...

We saw the US swimming relay team receive their gold medals last night. A young athlete who was clutching roses at his heart had the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. It is truly an inspiring thing to witness!