Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As Close to Seafood as Chocolate Should Ever Come

Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you know nothing.

I was prepared for Chocolate Goldfish to be horrible. I like the little Goldfish crackers, but after all, they are a cheese thing or a cracker thing. I guess it's somewhat hard to figure out exactly what Goldfish do well. They really aren't the greatest cheese item ever or the best cracker ever.

Regardless, I was ready to write a scathing blog about how Pepperidge Farm should stick to what makes Goldfish great - cheese. I was ready to relive my former erudite comments about Pez and gum not venturing into chocolate, about staying true to what made them good and not trying to be chocolate. I was ready to rock and roll!

Then I ate a Chocolate Goldfish. It was good. I ate more Chocolate Goldfish. They too were good.

I was wrong about the Chocolate Goldfish.

Actually these are Goldfish Grahams and the ones I tried just happened to be the chocolate ones. (They also come in honey and cinnamon, but when there's chocolate, why bother?) And, dear reader, I bought them with you in mind. I can now rationalize any chocolate purchase I make - it's research for the millions reading this blog everyday. I'm boldly tasting chocolate so you don't have to! (Hopefully I saved you from Weight Watchers Boston Cream Pie yogurt.)

The Chocolate Goldfish (I like that name better than Goldfish Grahams - it gives chocolate the attention it deserves) are actually good. And 50 (yes fifty!) of them only have 140 calories! And they are made with whole grain! And they have a little smiley fish face on every one. In fact, the whole experience has caused me to re-evaluate what makes Goldfish great. It's not the cheese or the cracker - it's the size and shape! That's what makes them fun to eat! And that's what makes the Chocolate Goldfish good. They are not the greatest little chocolate cookie/cracker things ever, but they are good. And they are a fun shape. And you can eat lots of them! Whee!!!

I also think these would be great sprinkled over ice cream, sprinkled in a peanut butter sandwich, mixed in with vanilla yogurt, stuck in raw cookie dough - oh, the epicurean delights!

So try not to be as judgemental as I am - a product may indeed hold qualities you didn't even appreciate until you experienced it in a different format. Something you don't like may be good in another recipe. A person may have qualities you don't appreciate until you see him or her in a different setting.

And if you still don't like something or someone, there are plenty of other fish in the sea! Bwah, ha, ha!!


Heidi said...

YOU need a literary agent. I loved this blog entry! You're a great writer.
I'm going to get those Chocolate Goldfish, and if they have 20 fat grams per 140 calories, you are going to pay bigtime for my membership to LA Weightloss.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize you know nothing.
....i have experienced this so many times in my life..and joyce myers said this morning that not until we realize and admit that we dont know can we BEGIN to learn. How True!

Candy Gurus said...

Wait a minute - Chocolate Goldfish are being made by P Farms? I've never seen these...where are these...I must find and try.

diane said...

The chocolate goldfish sound like a take on the Teddy Grahams - also a fun shape! And, for a different twist on all that chocolate you're using for research, here's an easy recipe that can turn toffee bars into an even better Cookie!


Denise Ryan said...

Thanks for asking about where to get these - I looked for them in one of my grocery stores last night and couldn't find them. I got some at Target (of all places!). They are good!

I'll have to check out those Teddy Grahams in choclate - I saw those last night.

Thanks for the comments!!