Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When Life Gives You Improv, Buy Chocolate!

You know I had to salvage something from that long trip to the Catskills - and this blog is about chocolate and motivation after all! Oh yes, my friends - on the way back home - I returned to Asher's! Remember I stopped by on July 3rd, and they were closed. I was bitter, but why hold a grudge? Especially with people who produce chocolate by the bucket.

The factory tour was very lame. Self guided with some video and you get to look out at a bunch of blue machines. Supposedly there is chocolate in them cooling. You see no chocolate. There is one enrobing machine near one of the windows, but they weren't running anything through it. Maybe someday I will actually see some chocolate being made. (I feel like a Knight of the Round table seeking the holy grail.) Note to factory tour people - we want to see chocolate being made! We want to see caramel, nuts, flowing chocolate! WILLY WONKA I need a golden ticket!

But here's the GREAT news!!!!! Asher's chocolate is awesome!!!!! I bought a milk chocolate macadamia praline - incredible! I've had pralines before, but not macadamia. It was fabulous! And their caramel is perfect - not too hard, not too soft - but still nice and chewy. I also got a "three ring peanut butter pretzel with milk string". I'm not sure what milk string is, but this was one good combination of chocolate, peanut butter and pretzel! YUM! Lots of peanut butter, but not too much - a very good balance of all the ingredients.

I also got an assorted box - the woman behind the counter suggested I have her put a box together rather than buy the prepackaged box. It was a much better deal and I got all peanut butter, nuts and caramel (no cremes and jellies - yuck). Asher's caramels are very creamy - actually amazing, and they have some peanut butter combinations that make you think - Reese's who? And that, my friends, is a bold statement coming from me! I've written and requested a list so I could tell you exactly what they all are.

Now you can buy Asher's in some retail outlets like Hallmark. But the one I bought there - a chocolate covered Oreo - was not so good. So don't judge Asher's from what you might get in Hallmark.

Oh - and I found a Reese's Bat! I have to pace though - I'm saving it for tomorrow.

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Heidi said...

Oh m'gosh, that web site photo of their candy store is too much. I am insanely jealous of you.

But guess what -- I now have Nutella in the house, so when I am craving one of those things you have just described, I am going to open up my pantry and eat two whole tablespoons of Nutella.

So there.