Sunday, July 20, 2008

Focus on Chocolate

It is said that what you focus on multiples. And it makes sense - you can probably think of dozens of examples - you're considering a new car and suddenly you start seeing that make and model everywhere. When I was trying to decide what colors to paint my townhouse, I noticed the paint colors of everyplace I went. (I'd never even really seen them before!) And now that I'm writing this blog - I swear there has been a tsunami of new chocolate products. I have in my possession at this time - chocolate graham crackers, chocolate marshmallows, chocolate Goldfish (I kid you not), chocolate almonds (NOT chocolate covered almonds, these are Emerald's new chocolate almonds), and we've already discussed chocolate gum, Pez, and Skittles.

I'm sure there has not been a sudden burst of new chocolate products, it's my focus on them that has me seeing them everywhere.

The great thing about this observation is that if we become aware of it, we can use it to our benefit. You can start off each day choosing to focus on everything good that happens (the sun came up, you're still breathing, the car started, you're still employed, etc. etc.). You could choose to focus on all the great things your spouse (significant other, child, pet, etc.) does. He looks so sexy with that beard stubble, how lucky are you not to be in the dating world, how sweet it was that he made the coffee, etc. etc.

You know what we usually do, of course. Focus on the negative. It's Monday - I hate Mondays. It's too hot, cold, rainy, sunny. My boss is stupid. I am stupid, fat, whatever. My spouse is an idiot - why didn't he clean the coffeemaker? And we make our own lives a living hell. Try it for just one day - try to focus on the positive. Not your bad hair, but your gorgeous eyes. Not your annoying kids, but their joyous laughter. Not your spouses' annoying habits, but the fact that he is hanging in there with you. Focus on what you love about him. Focus on what you love about you.

If you can do it, I think you'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel and how much better you'll make others feel. And if that's too hard, just focus on chocolate. Either way, life will be a helluva lot sweeter.

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Heidi said...

Amen, Sister!
Preach it.
It's reallly easy to get caught up in the doldrums of life and forget that sometimes it's in the ordinary days when we are most blessed and at peace. I remember many days filled with drama and sadness where I had wished for boring and ordinary. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for the people around us!