Monday, July 28, 2008

Don't Dis the Peep, Homes

Carole Walker hooked me up!!!!! Carole (my newest drug dealer) brought me some chocolate Peeps! And I have some extraordinary news! You may want to sit down, dear reader. The chocolate Peeps (they are actually cocoa) are really good! I'm not kidding!

These were bunnies, not the traditional chicks. A nice tan color. Carole brought me an eight pack. They are all gone. Need I say more?

Want some even better news about the Peeps? All eight had only 240 calories! That's a whole lot of fun without too much damage to the waistline. You say "Just!" I say "Born!" "Go Peeps!!" (With no apologies whatsoever to the folks at Hillshire Farms).

Before you rush to dis the Peep, get thee some! Which brings me to our motivational point for the day - don't knock it before you try it. Think of how many decisions we have already made with no evidence whatsoever. (I can't do that; I won't like them; that won't work.) I know some of you are already saying you won't like the chocolate Peep and you haven't even tried one. You may not have had a Peep in years! Or never had a Peep! I say "Give Peeps a chance!"

Clearly the sugar has gone to my head.

When I went on a group tour to Australia and New Zealand, you had to go where the group was going and do what the group was doing. Or they would simply leave you. Many of the things I was convinced I would hate (a sheep show, glow worm caves) were among the best things on the trip. Here's the challenge - try what you think you won't like (just TRY it) and once in a while say yes, even though you're thinking no (especially if there is even the most remote possibility for an adventure). You say "Just" I say "Born!" "Go Peeps!"


candygirlemma said...

Hey Denise,
I have been having fun reading your blog. If you like peeps- well- at Eater time, we take the traditional chick peeps- in yellow, pink and purple and dip the bottom half in our milk chocolate. They are to die for. Until you try it- you can't imagine. Sort of like our chocolate covered potato chips. Sounds weird- but so yummy.
Mmmmmmmm- can't wait till Easter.

Denise Ryan said...

YUM!! Emma I can't wait to try it!! Thanks so much for your comment and for reading the blog!