Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chocolate Quotes

One of the things I liked about Wilbur's was that they had some chocolate "stuff" - books, magnets, etc. Not a lot, but a couple of things. One thing I didn't like - no assortments. You had to commit to buying a good sized box of whatever candy you wanted to try. I'm telling you - these folks are making some money!

Let me say that Peanut Butter Non-Pareils are not as good as you would think. They look good, they seem like a great idea, but they are a little too sweet. Think peanut butter fudge with sprinkles. Now, don't get me wrong - they weren't horrible - I would have eaten the whole box, BUT - and this is horrifying - each one has almost 100 calories! Now you know how big a nonpareil is, right? They are about the size of a quarter. For 100 calories I can have a whole tablespoon of peanut butter. Or a chocolate Vitamuffin top. Or a Jell-o Single. These were a caloric rip-off. So sad.

That's the secret to eating what you want - make sure you REALLY want it and don't eat too much. 5 quarter sized peanut butter nonpareils or two Snickers bars? Only the clinically insane would pick the nonpareils.

We are going back to Wilbur's, but I do want to share a few quotes from a cool little book I got there:

Chocolate makes otherwise normal people melt into strange states of ecstasy.
John West, 20th Century American

If there is one flavor that can cause Americans to salivate at the mention of the name, it is chocolate.
Craig Claiborne (b. 1920) American food editor and writer

For who can deny that when the taste buds are seeking excitement, drama and sweet satisfaction, it is neither the potato nor the cranberry to which we turn. It is chocolate.
Lorna J. Sass (b. 1945) American historian and writer

Chocolate, of course, is the stuff of which fantasies are made. Rich, dark, velvety-smooth fantasies that envelop the senses and stir the passions. Chocolate is madness; chocolate is delight.
Judith Olney, 20th-century American chef

Judith also said "Most chocolate chip cookies do not have enough chocolate chips in them." Judith Olney is a goddess.

Flowers speak the language of love for some, but for others, it's chocolate that fans the flames.
Rebecca J. Pate. 20th-century American chef

In Cuba, real men don't eat strawberry ice cream. They eat chocolate.
Jay Carr (b. 1936) American journalist and film critic

How great are those? I say - Give me chocolate or give me death! (or at least give me peanut butter).

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Heidi said...

100 calories equals two Italian ices that I eat with my child every night during story time before he goes to sleep.
I wouldn't trade those 100 calories of icees and what they represent with storytime for any of those peanut butter nonpareils!
(You really would have to be a peanut butter fanatic to eat those, though. I think you're better off with some rich peanut butter fudge!)