Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chocolate Customer Service

A happy birthday to my friend Jay Rowe who sent me the best magnet ever! It reads:

The problem - How to get 2 pounds of chocolate home from the store in a hot car.

The solution - Eat it in the parking lot.

I love it!! And I have lived a version of it:

The question - Where should you store one pound of Asher's chocolate when driving from PA to NC in the summer?

The answer - In your stomach.

Thanks, Jay!!!

I also have a new best friend - Emma Hodgson, Asher's Retail Store Manager. Emma has hooked us up!! She told me what all Asher's peanut butter candies were. Let me just say that I e-mailed PEZ's marketing people and they didn't even bother to respond. (I just wanted to know what all their flavors were.) Emma was terrific!

Now keep in mind that Asher's can do peanut butter - very creamy and good!

peanut smoothies - cubes of peanut butter covered in chocolate

peanut butter cups - I think you have these down.

peanut butter bolsters - these are like a Butterfinger, but as Emma says, "100 times better".

peanut straws - these are awesome!!! I wasn't expecting them to be as good as they are. If you like peanut butter, you should get these. And hide them good. Maybe even from yourself.

peanut butter marshmallow - I have some of these from Wilbur Chocolates, but let me tell you, Asher's blows Wilbur's away. Wilbur's version isn't bad, but Asher's is great. Asher's is more peanut buttery, Wilbur's is more marshmallowey. I am SO making up new words! Hey - I'm doing improv!

peanut butter sherbet - also fabulous, I had some of this from Wilbur's and was so disappointed, I ate one and threw the rest away. I think they call it something else - maybe peanut butter drizzle. Theirs was bland - too much chocolate, not enough peanut butter. Remember at Wilbur's you have to buy a box of each type of candy. (Boo Wilbur's! Yea Asher's!) I have never heard of peanut butter sherbet before - this is what it looks like:

And Emma told me what peanut butter (or chocolate) string is - it's the name for the drizzle on the top of the candy. In fact, this is a quote from Emma: "String is really a drizzle. It is an old word leftover from early candy making days. It has sorta stuck. It is a fantastic piece (we were discussing the peanut butter marshmallow covered in milk chocolate with peanut butter string - I couldn't believe the white stuff was marshmallow - it was sooooo good!)." She goes on to say "They made them yesterday. I ate one fresh from the line. It was 9:00 in the morning. It was really good! That is why I love my job. And why I will never be a size 6 again."

At first I hated her - she ate one FRESH FROM THE LINE! That is livin' the dream, Emma! I was sooo jealous! But she's so cute, you gotta love her. She is so enthusiastic about Asher's and about chocolate that I don't care about them being closed on the 3rd and the lame tour anymore. I love Asher's because of Emma!

Isn't that what we all really want? To do business with people who are excited about the products that we are buying? Who seem happy to help us? Asher's Chocolate is great, but I didn't feel connected to Asher's until Emma took the time to answer my e-mail. Emma deserves all the fresh from the line chocolate she can eat! (And maybe someday I'll get to meet her and eat some too!) Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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Heidi said...

Kudos to Emma for showing the rest of the business world what it means to be nice to the public.
In this case, "being nice" meant that her company information got some very nice publicity on a well-circulated blog site.
I think a lot of businesses lose sight of the fact that just one customer can make a difference for them. In this case, the people at Wilbur's and Pez's didn't realize that Denise is a power public speaker with a LOT of contacts and influence. But Emma was kind enough to offer some great insight ... plus photos, it looks like ... and look how it turned out.
It just goes to show you ... be nice no matter who is at your door step. Even if they are the most piddly person on the planet, everyone deserves friendliness and courtesy. Heck, I have the same Jehovah's Witness girl who has stopped by my house four times now because I give her a glass of lemonade while she does her neighborhood routes. No, I do not believe anything that the Jehovah's Witnesses profess, but I do believe a little bit of kindness goes a long way with people!
Good job, Emma! You're a great example for a lot of others who just don't get it.