Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Candy I Almost Missed

Before we get to Wilbur Chocolates, I have to digress and return to Wolfgang Candy. Please understand that I purchased more candy at these places than one human can reasonably consume in a lifetime. When it comes to my lifelong love affair with sweets, reason has nothing to do with it.

Since I bought so much, it's going to take me a while to try it all. I've tried some losers (the Oyster Cracker Debacle) and my first true (and surprising) winner. This was a candy I almost didn't buy. I have learned that just because something involves peanut butter it is not necessarily good. I have had some HORRIBLE peanut butter concoctions and I believe there is a special place in culinary hell for those who so desecrate peanut butter.

So when I saw Wolfgang Candy's Peanut Butter Kisses, I was intrigued, yet skeptical. The women (some really just girls) who worked here were great. But super sales people, they were not. I asked if the assortment I purchased included everything and they said yes. Further interrogation (What about these? And these? Are these in there? I am nothing if not obsessive) revealed it did not and there were more delicacies I had to purchase. Ah, I should start a sales training program for the candy industry - sales would skyrocket. Step One - Hire people who are excited about candy! Wheee!

When the Peanut Butter Kisses caught my eye, I was suspicious. The box has no description. There is a window on the front through which you see the kisses wrapped in yellow wax paper. No chocolate is involved and I have no idea why they are called kisses. My questions began immediately - "What about these? What are they like? Are they gross? Are they like those orange and black wax paper wrapped Halloween candies? I hate those. I mean I'll eat them eventually but only after all the good candy is gone. Are these good? Should I try them?" Okay, I was a little amped up on sugar. I was running on a soft pretzel and four chocolate samples.

The girls - so young they were not really sure what I was talking about with the orange and black Halloween candy and probably have never been allowed to Trick or Treat lest they be killed by some manic - assured me that these were good. That it was peanut butter wrapped in vanilla taffy. An older employee said they were nothing like those horrible Halloween candies. "What the hell?" I decided. (Is "What the hell?" really a decision?) When will I be here again? And I can eat seven of these babies for only 180 calories!

Did I mention I drove to Pennsylvania from North Carolina? (A good 7 hour car ride, 8 with returning 4th of July traffic) I ate my first Peanut Butter Kiss as I began my drive home. Holy peanut butter, Candy Man! These things are awesome!!! The peanut butter is like real out-of-the-jar good, fresh peanut butter. And the taffy is almost creamy. The combination is genius! There are 77 kisses in a box. I bet I ate 45 on the way home. I just polished off the last of them. I wish I had more.

Now I understand the name - if Peanut Butter could kiss you, this is how it would do it. And let me just say that peanut butter can kiss me anytime!

Lesson - try new things. Be open. The Chocolate Covered Oyster Cracker may be bad, but the Peanut Butter kiss may rock your world! And see things for yourself - I asked the girls what else I should try and they didn't suggest anything. I would have missed out if I relied on them. Explore the world on your own. Listen to the advice of others, but keep your own counsel. Your journey will be unlike anyone else's - follow your interests and your curiosity. But above all - take the journey! The candy store of life is open - where are you?

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Heidi said...

I think you should hit these candy people up for speaking engagements. You've given them great press here, and now they just need you to help them pump up their sales! I want one of those taffy peanut butter things. No fair.