Saturday, September 19, 2009


I stopped in Walgreen's today, just to check out the Halloween candy. They know me there, probably calling me the Crazy Candy Lady behind my back. I don't care - it's worth it. Look at what I found in the regular candy aisle:

Do you see this?? Who would have thought life could get any better??? Reese's has made a peanut butter lovers peanut butter cup!!!!

Look at that! Isn't it beautiful? There's still some chocolate on the base, but this baby is all about peanut butter. And it ROCKS!!!!! It really is for peanut butter lovers - definitely more peanut buttery than regular Reese's. I don't think it is actually better than the regular Reese's - you just can't beat that chocolate/ PB combo, but this is oh so good! The wrapper says it's a limited edition, so you might want to try and find one. (I'm still bitter I missed the peanut butter/banana creme Reese's cup in released in honor of Elvis back in 2007. What the hell was I thinking?)

Then I had to check out the Halloween candy, which you'll be hearing more about. But look at this:

As you all know, I love the Tootsie Roll. I know chocolate snobs are horrified, but I don't care. And this bag is GIGANTIC!!!! Here it is with my Blackberry for scale:

Whoohoo!! It was carrying a baby to the check out counter!! That's my kind of candy bag! Today was a gooood day! Here's what's inside:

Those mini midgees are just a waste of time in my book - too much trouble to unwrap for that tiny tease of Tootsie Roll (only about 10 calories, BTW). Those are what I'll give to the Trick or Treaters. Hey - they have smaller mouths!

Now many of you have asked how the hell I can eat all this candy and not be hugely fat. Well, one weapon in my arsenal has always been diet soda. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm pretty much addicted to the stuff. And, as far as I'm concerned, there hasn't been a really great diet soda innovation in years.

Until now!

I present to you Ultra Violet Diet Mountain Dew. It says it's a mixed berry flavor. All I know is that it is really, really good. I just refuse to drink my calories - I want to save them all for food!

What a great day!! Reese's with MORE peanut butter, bags of candy bigger than small children, and a diet soda that tastes great! I LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!! It's a great life. Focus on the good stuff and let the other stuff go.


diane said...

Well the COC should have at least one of each on the alter! ;) I'm going to Walgreens/ CVS/ Walmart/ etc. to scope out their candy aisles. Wo Hoo!

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha - Diane - you're hilarious!! Let me know what you find!!!

Leslie said...

I like what you said Diane :-) It's almost a year now or more since the last time that I've eaten Tootsie Roll, but I can still remember the taste. Thanks for sharing this Diane and thanks for posting the picture. I'll try to get some tomorrow. By the way, did you see some familiar faces in Heaven? LOL! Just Kidding.. Take Care!!

Denise Ryan said...

Hey Leslie! Thanks for the comment!! I think we can totally justify Tootsie Rolls - they are delish, they are cheap, and they are low fat - yahoo!!! You know, I must have been in the wrong place, because I didn't see anyone I knew! : ) Somehow I think we'll all end up in the same place - wherever that is!! And there will be LOTS of chocolate!