Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Love Affair with Pumpkin

Well, my love life continues to suck. Been on another couple of dates - one guy WAY too young, but he was a hottie, so I couldn't help myself. And he was the persistent one - I blew him off at first, saying he was too young. The date actually went well. He asked for a second one, but bailed out at the 11th hour. I'm sure my decrepitness panicked him. The other date was fine - nothing to complain about - we just didn't "click" - it was like we were just out of sync with each other. Bummer.

But, here's one love of my life that never fails me.....PUMPKIN!!!!!!! I know I've waxed poetic about pumpkin before - I mean I love this stuff. I'll eat pumpkin with some Splenda tossed in, right out of the can! (We've also discussed my idiosyncrasies.)

Anyway, I was in Harry and David a couple of weeks ago - I have some of their chocolate, which is actually really, really good and I'll review at some point. But today I want to talk about these:

Pumpkin Spice Milk Chocolate Malted Milk Balls - their description:

"Two autumn flavors combine in this limited-edition treat, made here in our own Candy Kitchen. Outside, a coating of traditional pumpkin pie spices. Next a layer of milk chocolate. And at the center, our crisp malted milk. Yum!"

Well, I don't think that milk chocolate is a autumn flavor, so I don't know exactly what the writer was thinking. I also have no idea why Candy Kitchen is capitalized. Maybe to give it the reverence it deserves. The important thing is that these are freaking AWESOME!!!! and they are a limited edition - so you need to get some NOW!!

You you are going to think that I am insane when I say this, but I'm going to say it anyway. These are better than Godiva's pumpkin truffles. There is is - I said it. I reviewed the truffles last year and thought they had a funky weird aftertaste. These just rock - the pumpkin spice flavor is terrific. And I'm not a big malted milk ball fan. But I'm telling you, these are GOOD!! (And WAY less expensive - $7.95 for the whole bag vs. like $1.50+ per truffle.)

They aren't on the Harry and David website, so you have to go to one of their stores. But it just might be worth the trip! Check out these:

Could life be any better?? Pumpkin Spice Caramel Balls!!! I really do love the fall!

What can I say? These are great! Richer in flavor than the malted milk balls and just as delish, add these to your fall shopping basket. They are about the size of a peanut M & M - perfect for popping! I am crazy about the Harry and David stores and have found some really great treats there. But these are super, super good - especially if you adore pumpkin.

Oh a sad note, apparently due to the cooler weather we've had this year, some of the pumpkin crops were damaged and in some areas the harvest was terrible. I hope all the pumpkin farmers out there know I love them and I have never appreciated their efforts. I have taken them and their pumpkins for granted. So this year, if you go to buy a pumpkin - thank a farmer - we are damn lucky to have them!! And if you have to pay a little more - don't complain - pumpkin is worth it!! (And the Great Pumpkin may be watching.)


cybele said...

Ah, that explains the colors of your blog! Pumpkin & chocolate!

Sera said...

These look awesome! I'm a pumpkin fanatic as well, so I'm happy to see pumpkin and candy, two big loves of mine, combined! I'll have to go pick some of these up. :)

KiddoKare1 said...

YUM! Those pumpkin malted balls look wonderful! I've never heard of that store so I guess we don't have them in my neck of the woods. Hmmm...for some reason I"m always hungry right after I read your blog.

Denise Ryan said...

Cybele - thanks for the comment! Gang, if you want to see a great candy blog - Cybele's is the BEST!!

Denise Ryan said...

Sera - you will LOVE them!! I SO can't dtop eating them!! BTW, I checked out your blog - you are a terrific artist! Wow!!

Denise Ryan said...

KK (I don't want to use your real first name unless you tell me it's okay!) Great to hear from you! Oh - these are so good - but consider yourself safe if you can't find them - they are dangerous!! : )

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks for asking, but it's fine with me if you use my first name.

Denise Ryan said...

All right - thanks, Tracy!!

Carl Weaver said...

Pumpkin from a can? Did you know that they actually grow on a vine in nature?

I had not encountered these candies before. We have a Godiva store just down the street, so maybe I will go try one.

Did you see our pumpkin treat I posted last year?

Denise Ryan said...

No, Carl, no - NOT Godiva - Harry and David - Harry and David!!!

What? Actually wash and prepare my own pumpkin? Are you mad? : )

I looked at that receipe and I bet I would LOVE it - but it looks HARD! Can't I just buy that candy somewhere???

Thanks for the comment, Carl - you're the best!!!!