Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Coolest Candy Store EVAH!!

I've been off the grid, gang - so sorry!  It's all good, though, lots of work!  Yay!  This week started off in Myrtle Beach where I found the most amazing candy store in the free world - IT'SUGAR:

This amazing thing has different flavors of "pucker powder" and you can fill the plastic tubes with it.  Remember Pixie Sticks?  Well, this takes the whole sugar thing to a whole new level.  And I like it!

They had loads of cool candy gifts too:

And how about this - the sweetest sandcastle ever made with 254,093 Jelly Belly jelly beans.  Let me tell you, it was ginormous!

Journals, notepads, candy jars:

My new favorite luggage tag which will be so accompanying me to Candy Expo!

The newest addition to my living room:

They didn't have too much non-standard chocolate (tons of M and M's in different colors), but I loved this Chocoscopes Bloomsberry and Co. wrapper:

My b-day is tomorrow (or today depending on when you read this) and I am a Taurus, and this was pretty right on!  You know how I love that creative packaging!  Any of these fit you?

Bloomsbury Chocolate is pretty good - along the lines of Cadbury, but what they're really selling are their super creative wrappers.

There were also tons of bins where you could bag your own candy.  I'm only in it for the chocolate, but I did snag some huge (and delicious) Jordan Almonds:

I love their stylized S logo.  And the back of the bag has three levels you can fill to - the lowest is sugar fix, next is sugar rush, the highest is sugar high.  Love it!!  Oh - and they have tons of t-shirts and hats and all kinds of candy themed stuff.  The music playing is even all candy songs!!  I'm telling you, this place is FAB!!!

There were the only new chocolate bars I found:

These are by Joyva Corp based in Brooklyn and they were God awful.  The chocolate is terrible and the fillings no better.  Ewwww!

This is the logo on their shopping bags: 

It is a really, really great place and it's at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, SC.  It is so much fun!!!!

And would you believe I saw this on the way home:

I tried to hijack him, but my car was too small to force him off the road and I was unarmed.  Damn it.  Where's a good jihadist when you need one?


Anna said...

Jealous doesn't even begin to describe my feelings of you going there! Ha! I do believe that I will pack my family up this summer and head to this candy shop! Thanks for sharing!

cybele said...

What fun! We have ITSUGAR here in Los Angeles too, I've been to it a couple of times. Expensive, but certainly fun. (The jelly bean creation there is Marilyn Monroe with the fluttering skirt.)

Yeah, I don't know why those Joyva candies aren't better, they're rather unique so you'd think they could make them with better quality ingredients.

Denise Ryan said...

Anna - it really is sooooo much fun!!! And Cybele - how cool! I figured it had to be a chain, but had never seen it before. I bet that Marilyn is fabulous!!!

Glad you agree with me on the Joyva! Blech! : )

KIris, in New England said...

Hey Miss Thing - Happy Birthday!

Glad to see you are back in action and that it was busy-work stuff that kept you away.

My toes are still tapping, impatiently waiting for the coconut review.... :-)

Denise Ryan said...

Thanks, Kris!!! I know - I have all the pics taken - just need to write!!!!!!!

IT'SUGAR said...

Great photos of IT'SUGAR. Thanks for posting.