Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Many Phases of the Moon Pie

For some reason, all things remotely festive have been consumed around my birthday.  This post started with the Moon Pies with sprinkles .  For some reason, sprinkles just say "party!" to me.

I've never been a big Moon Pie person, but when I saw this in Cracker Barrel, I thought I'd just check it out.  I am such a sucker for nostalgia!

It looks like the current Moon Pie, but flatter:

And you know what?  I like it A LOT better!  The "cookie" part is much less dry - it's almost like cookie dough.  I thought it was like 10,000 times better!  It's made by the same people (Chattanooga Bakery) who make the standard Moon Pie.  I'm so bummed this recipe was replaced with the new one.  Not that I've given it one iota of thought before now.

I wanted to try these solely because of the sprinkles:

As usual, nothing lives up to the image on the box.  And now I'm ruined now by the Scooter Pie.  This seems way too dry and flavorless to me.  Even sprinkles can't save it.

These sprinkles seem to say "hangover" more than "party!".

I've reviewed these before and they really are nothing like a Moon Pie.  No marshmallow, no weird cakey/cookie slab:

This is a chocolate cookie with peanut butter filling dipped in chocolate:

These are okay.  Not enough peanut butter in my book.  (Is there EVER enough peanut butter?)

These are like the peanut butter ones, but with mint:

This has more in common with Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies than a Moon Pie:

If you like those Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies, you will adore these!!  I think they did a better job with the mint than the peanut butter.  Mint and chocolate lovers - get thee to Cracker Barrel and stock up! 

These are just like the regular Moon Pies to me:

Dry and crappy.  Sorry Little Debbie.  The original Scooter Pie kicked butt.

These are like the other Little Debbie marshmallow treats I've reviewed.  And what makes them so addictively good is the base.  It's a brownie - a thin base of brownie that works great with the marshmallow.  These are way better than the standard Moon Pie!

And they look really good too!  Aren't they pretty?

All they need are some sprinkles!!!  Party!!!!


Kris, in New England said...

Ah - the magic of marshmallow and chocolate. I was never a Scooter Pie/Moon Pie fan. But those Marshmallow Cookies - oh hell yes.

Denise Ryan said...

Ha, ha - Kris - we were SO separated at birth!!! : )