Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eve

Hey Gang!! It's the night before Easter and I have been eating WAY too much Easter candy. One of the cool things about being an adult is you don't have to wait for the Easter Bunny. Even if maybe you should.

Here are a few quick reviews. We'll start with something you just can't go wrong with - Reese's Rabbits! (Well, they are actually Mini Reester Bunnies (ouch), but I like Reese's Rabbits better):

They are cute - this guy looks funny because my bag got a bit melted - and they taste great. Not as good as the Reese's eggs in my book because there's not as much peanut butter, but a great choice nonetheless.

Caramello also has a bunny:

This bunny is cute as well (so cute he looks like the rodent version of Hello Kitty) but I think it's pretty weak on the caramel. Too little, too thin - get the amazing Cadbury caramel egg - pass on the cute bunny. (Sorry, cuteness just ain't enough when it comes to candy. I mean, I will complain if the wrapper isn't cute enough, but cuteness alone can't carry a candy. I think the only thing cuteness alone can carry is a pop star.)

I have to tell you, I really can't decide between these two:

I mean, there are differences - Hershey (on the right) is bigger and the candy coating has a different texture (smoother). But they are both good - I liked them both. You can't go wrong with either one. (Now these are not the German truffle eggs of Williams-Sonoma - but they are a cheap and good alternative). Hey - do kids really need German truffle eggs?

Here was a surprise - Snickers Sports Creme Egg:

Now I gotta tell you - I totally don't get the sports thing. Why a sports egg? Why are there tennis balls on this wrapper? What the hell is going on?

No clue - but this egg was GOOD!! Not what I expected (which was a Snickers bar in the shape of an egg) this was creamier and sweeter and delicious. You should try one! Eating a sports egg might be as close as I come to exercise on Easter.

Enjoy the day!! Have fun, eat some candy, practice your faith, celebrate spring - most of all - celebrate life.


Heidi said...

We have been enjoying a LOT of candy since yesterday morning -- and many of the items I selected for my kid's basket are thanks to Denise. :-)

I think these candy companies need to start sending you a commission check.

Carl Weaver said...

The Caramello bunny looks like he has six appendages. The middle set are probably his haunches but I found it confusing at first. The bunny insect is not something I want to witness again.

Denise Ryan said...

Bwah, ha, ha - you are right!!! I thought the same thing when I first saw him - then I thought I must have been hallucinating. Thanks for the backup!!! : )