Thursday, April 16, 2009

Butterfly Kisses

You gotta give Hershey's credit for expanding the Kiss line. And as the Bride of Chocolate, I'm all about chocolate kisses!!

Look at this adorable thing:

And the top of the box:

And look at the size of this baby in comparison to a regular Kiss:

This is a solid 200 calorie Kiss (a regular kiss has about 20 calories). It's not really anything other than a giant Kiss in a really cute box. Clever!

I found these two new Kiss flavors today:

You can see from the autopsy photo that these are like chocolate truffle Kisses. Gorgeous wrapper (you can't really tell from my picture, but the wrapper is really glam), smooth chocolately center. These should make regular Kisses obsolete. Seriously. Why bother with those things - these have a MUCH better chocolate taste. At some point the line has to be cannibalized. I mean how many different Kisses can the world consume?

And look at these:

These look pretty good in the autopsy photo, don't they? These are okay, but I think they could be better. I think the white chocolate needs a little something. It seems more waxy than creamy. I can't explain it, but these don't set me on fire as much as I thought they would.

Kisses now come in a TON of varieties - it really is amazing. I figure if Hershey can come up with a Kiss for everyone, there must be a Kiss out there for me!


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Denise Ryan said...

Thanks, Jeff!! ; )

Heidi said...

That's cute, Jeff.

I echo what Jeff says.

(And I can't believe Hershey has all of these varieties of kisses now! Wow!)