Monday, September 1, 2008

Here a Chick, There a Chick, Everywhere a Chick, Chick

Big thanks to my good friend Toby Page for sending me Chick Chocolates from Seattle Chocolates ( These were my first Seattle Chocolates and they are good, but it's the packaging that makes them amazing:

The chocolates are individually wrapped and come in these cool, colorful boxes. There are four Chicks:

Strong Chick - milk chocolate with extra calcium

Extreme Chick - dark chocolate with cocoa nibs (this one was really good!)

Nutty Chick - milk chocolate with almonds and toffee (also very good, although I would like more almonds - Nutty Chick wasn't that nutty.)

Survivor Chick - white chocolate and raspberries wrapped in dark chocolate -(this one has become my favorite). 100% of the profits go to fight breast cancer.

All Seattle Chocolates come in gorgeous packaging. The Chick Chocolates are terrific because they are so creative and would make fantastic gifts. However, they are not inexpensive (thank you, Toby!) - what you are really paying for here is the packaging - and it's worth it!!

Speaking of packaging, chocolate makers are pulling out all the stops. Choxie (Target's brand of chocolate) comes in fantastic packages, but it's below average chocolate. Vosges has fantastic packaging for its VERY expensive chocolates, and the chocolates are also fantastic. A home run! But you have to be careful when buying chocolates - pay attention to the sizes. Vosges has come out with some small (1/2 oz. bars) which I was delighted to see. I hate to buy a giant bar and then not like it. BUT these tiny bars are outrageously priced - they wind up being about three times as expensive (per ounce) as the larger bars.

You can already guess the lesson, right? Don't judge a chocolate by its wrapper! Some fabulous wrappers have awful chocolates inside and some boring or even ugly wrappers contain great chocolate. It's so easy to say this and so hard to do it. We think beautiful people have good attributes, and we often don't give unattractive people a chance. We judge people by how they dress and never get to know who they really are. Don't beat yourself up, just try to be more aware - try to see beyond people's wrappers. There might be a Nutty Chick in there you'd really like!

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Heidi said...

So true!
I have been learning this lesson OVER AND OVER for the past 20 years. You think that by now I would get it. I always have to stop myself from judging outward appearances and to try to get to know the person. I am always surprised at how beautiful they become, sometimes after just a 5-minute conversation. And then I remind myself how shallow my original attitude was and vow to change. It is very hard. Thank you for this.
And by the way, how does someone in Kentucky buy those Seattle chocolates? Do they have a web site?