Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fight the Blues - Let the Good Times Roll!

You ever have one of those days when you just felt blue? I had one of those today - didn't sleep well last night (a real rarity) and was just out of sorts+. Now, I know I'll feel better when I get a good night's sleep. And I got to see a friend at lunch (thanks, Don!) who always makes me feel good. Being around support people is good medicine.

I also used the chocolate trick!! I stopped in World Market to see what festive things were there. Now, Ghirardelli is trying to jump on the Halloween bandwagon by changing the packaging of some of its squares. Nice try, but I am SO not falling for that! I read last night about Pumpkin Spice and Candy Corn Hershey's Kisses. Now those I want to try!

It was a blast to walk around in there. All kinds of amazing chocolates and candies - wheee! I even found some chocolate-filled panda bears made by the Japanese company (Meiji) that bought Stauffer's Animals Crackers. You know I had to get those! How can a bad mood withstand such festivity?

Of course, it was hard to even give myself permission to go in World Market - I mean it was in the middle of the work day. Even though I work for myself, it's hard for me to just goof off. I think that's part of it - sometimes you have to give yourself permission to take care of yourself. There will always be more work I can do, but there won't always be more life I can live.

But I didn't stop there - I kept thinking of what I could do to keep myself motivated. I love travel, and I don't have any cool trips planned. I decided to to plan one. I love to head out West in the winter. And there are a lot of cool chocolate makers in California! I haven't spent much time in California. So I ordered a book on chocolate makers in the western part of the US. We'll see what I find out.

I think the secret to fighting the blues is having something to look forward to. Something that doesn't rely on someone else - too many times people tell me they can't do a certain thing because so and so won't do such and such. If you wait to make other people happy before you give yourself something to look forward to, you're going to be living their lives and not yours. Plan a great life, invite your loved ones along - if they want to come, great. If not, the Party Train is leaving without them! Let your good times roll!!!

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Heidi said...

I'm sorry you felt blue! I hope that the chocolate indulgences of the day brightened you up. Your trips sound fabulous, as always. Plus, isn't January supposed to be a banner month for you????