Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zzang Candy Bars and Passion

The Fancy Food Show really was awesome.  The best part was getting to meet people who are really passionate about food and chocolate in particular.  One of them was Charlie Frank with Zingerman's Candy Manufactory (

Zingerman's ( makes all kinds of amazing things.  But these candy bars are over the top.  Charlie and his team make them almost entirely BY HAND.  It's always so cool when you get to meet the chocolatier!!  And Charlie is so excited about these bars!  They actually have ingredient lists you can read - not a bunch of added weirdness.

The boxes are very cool - that's a collectible Christmas card in the purple box (love the peanut in a Santa hat!).

The Cashew Cow is described as milk chocolate cashew butter gianduja, cashew brittle and roasted cashews dipped in dark chocolate.

OMG - this is amazing!  Fantastic texture and if you like cashews - you'll be in heaven!  Not too many bars have cashews so this is a real treat.  Also some puffed rice, so it has a really light feel to it. Wow!!!

The original bar is described as butter-roasted peanuts, caramel and peanut butter honey nougat dipped in dark chocolate.  Holy God - how great does that sound?

How great does that look?

And the bar is awesome - a nice salty taste and loaded with peanuts.  Great chewy texture.  Awesome. I wish it were covered in milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate, but that's just my super sweet tooth talking.

The Wowza is described as creamy raspberry-chocolate ganache, raspberry preserves and fresh raspberry nougat in a crisp dark chocolate shell.

Again with the textures!  Wow!  The preserves have a grainy, sugary quality that plays perfectly off the nougat and the chocolate.  Super sweet and totally made for lovers of raspberry!

The What the Fudge? bar is described as milk chocolate fudge, Muscovade caramel and malted milk cream dipped in dark chocolate.

If you like fudge, this is the bar for you!  So rich and coated in chocolate!  It's WAY too rich and sweet for me, but if you can handle fudge - you will love this.

The great thing about all these is they are candy bars!  Not weird excursions into la-la land - they are gorgeously rich, decadent bars of candy!  Charlie isn't messing around - these are delicious, rich celebrations of classic flavors.  Different from any of the classic candy bars, but comforting like the best of them.  Yummy!!!

The best thing (besides the awesome flavors and quality ingredients) is Charlie's passion. It is really contagious. Are you passionate about your work?  If not, is there something in your life you're passionate about?  It could be a hobby or other pursuit.  If nothing comes to mind - get on it!  What do you like?  What are your dreams?  What would you regret not doing or experiencing? 

You have to find your own passion - no one else can bring it to you. 

While you're mulling it over, make sure you eat some chocolate. 


Kris, in New England said...

Those bars look ridiculous! Wow and Yowza indeed. Especially that uber-sweet thing sounds like - perfection.

Though that peanut thing also sounds like perfection; as you say what's wrong with peanut butter?!

Finding your passion - hmmm... - I'm trying to find mine lately and it's hiding.

Denise Ryan said...

Kris - you would LOVE these!! Soooo good! seem like someone who would have a lot of passions. Are you stuck? Oh - Boston has a chocolate tour - part of our trip!!! ; )

Kris, in New England said...

Yes, I am stuck. Burning out on my career and unsure of what I should do next. It's a mid-life think I'm sure and even's annoying as all get out!

And thank you I do have alot of passions - plural is correct and it's not necessarily helpful at the moment. I saw a kangaroo hopping in a dream the other night; hopping kangaroos mean I can't stick with one thing for very long.

It's true. Ugh!

Denise Ryan said...

Ah - Kris, the Aussies have both the kiwi and the kangaroo in their flag - national symbols. It's because neither can move backwards. Maybe the hopping kangaroos mean you can't go back? Keep searching for it - passion is everything!! ; ) Well, after chocolate....and peanut butter.