Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chocolate, Yogurt and Roses

Hi Gang!

I've been off the grid - took a few days off to head out to the mountains of North Carolina and one of my favorite places in the whole world - the Grove Park Inn. My buddy Kristina and I spent a great day at the spa and I put the latest relationship disaster behind me (or as far behind me as you can ever put those things).

Thanks to all of you for the good thoughts and the support - I love you guys!!! Obviously I need to find a man with an addiction to chocolate - then I'll be golden! : )

As summer is rapidly fading, I wanted to deliver the promised ice cream post!  But first I felt compelled to do a yogurt post.  Surely we can rationalize the consuming of chocolate if yogurt is involved.

Lindt has a wide array of flavors - some in milk chocolate and some in white chocolate.  While I love yogurt, some of these combos were more successful (in my opinion) than others.  Peach-Apricot with milk chocolate was my least favorite:

All of these have a great yogurt flavor - so if you don't like yogurt, you won't like these.  I happen to love yogurt, so I found them all pretty darn good.  Lindt seldom disappoints me.  I think with this bar I just don't really care for the peach/chocolate combo.  Not bad, mind you, just not as good as the others.

Strawberry-Rhubarb had a great, great strawberry flavor:

This was one of my favorites - a great combination and it works well with the white chocolate.

All these bars suggest you try them chilled.  I tried a couple chilled (blueberry being one of them) and didn't think it added much.  I actually found them creamier if not chilled and liked that more.

Blueberry was not as good as I thought it should be.  I like chocolate covered blueberries way better.  Amarena Cherry Creme (below) is better.

Cherry yogurt is good:

But this one didn't thrill me as much as strawberry or Amarena Cherry Creme (actually ice cream inspired):

This cherry was tarter - the milk chocolate also seemed to work better than the white chocolate.  Cherry yogurt was just a little too sweet.  This one was very, very good and I had a hard time not eating it all!!  Sooooo good!

Raspberry Vanilla Yogurt I also tried chilled. 

I found this one too sweet also.  The only white chocolate that worked for me was the strawberry-rhubarb and I think it's the tartness of the rhubarb that makes it great. 

Ritter Sport also has a yogurt bar:

And while it seems to contain plenty of yogurt, the rich milk chocolate overpowers the yogurt.  I like the Lindt bars better.

Ice cream next!!!!!  I think ice cream works a little better with chocolate than yogurt.  But these bars are well worth trying if you like yogurt!!

One of the great things about the Grove Park is the stone everywhere.  It's such a gorgeous place.  The stones in the massive lobby have quotes painted on them, and I want to share one of my favorites with you:

This old world we're livin' in
Is mighty hard to beat
We get a thorn with every rose
But ain't the roses sweet.
                                    - Stanton

Here's to forgetting about the thorns, stopping to smell the roses, and savoring all the beauty of this world.  Oh - and here's to good friends and chocolate.  Life is mighty hard to beat!!  Have a great week!!


Kris, in New England said...

Ah - the mountains of NC. We took a vacation to Black Rock, NC about 16 years ago and it still ranks at the top of trips we've done. Saw the Biltmore House, took several drives thru the Great Smokies and the Blue Ridge Mountains. We even considered moving there - bought real estate and job listings while on vacation! In the end we just didn't want to move away from family and friends.

I'm very jealous that you can just go a getaway there anytime you want!

Oh - we stayed at the Red Rocker Inn; I think it's still there...

Ben Z said...

Wow! What a wacky combo. I'm totally intrigued though. Thanks for sharing.

Lindt's next spokesperson: Jaime Lee Curtis?

Denise Ryan said...

Ben - it's crazy, isn't it? I think it's gotta be a Euro thing. Ha, ha - love the Jamie Lee comment!! You crack me up!

Denise Ryan said...

Kris - I bet you had a blast!! I am soooo lucky! I just booked a return trip for Christmas time - the Grove Park Inn has some amazing deals and the gingerbread competiton is so much fun!! You two should come back! : )

Dawn said...

I love lindt chocolate but the choice we have in Qatar isn't half as impressive as the collection you got there (I moved from the uk so miss the choice I once had). I would love to try the blueberry one, im a sucker for anything blueberry flavoured, lol.

I have to agree that us europeans do love our flavour combinations. If you really want to try something really wacky look for a company called "zotter" they make a chocolate and bacon bit concoction, and its supprisingly good.

Denise Ryan said...

Hey Dawn!

Thanks for the comment! You would LOVE that bar! And thanks for the tip on the bacon bar - I tried Voges bacon bar and thought the combo was a little creepy, but I'm willing to try again!! (Any excuse to eat chocolate, right?)